How I cleared CSS 2020 without joining an academy?

Here, in this article you will come to know that How Moneeza Rafiq cleared CSS 2020 without joining an academy

How I cleared CSS 2020 without joining an academy

Moneeza Rafiq
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I would like to begin by saying that my success/hard-work is nothing compared to ALLAH’s will and His plans, and I would be nowhere without Him.

Many of you will be tempted to join an academy for CSS preparation as soon as you are close to finishing your Bachelors degree. Having met with and interacted with academy-goers who have spent Rs 60,000 and above at various CSS academies with hopes that they will pass the exams, I can say with confidence that at least 60% of the guidance given at academies can be outdated, ridiculous and misleading.

Here is how I got allocated in CSS 2020 without having gone a single day to any academy whatsoever:

1) I had the freedom to pick subjects that were purely based on my interest and field. Academies only teach subjects they think are ‘good scoring’. As soon as you enroll, they force you to pick the subjects of their choosing. You end up studying something you have zero interest in.

2) Due to my high interest in my selected optionals, I was able to study with passion and give my all. I selected Psychology, Philosophy, English Literature … the kind of subjects that academies don’t teach and tend to discourage. I am proof that no matter what mythological ‘scoring trend’ they want you to trust in, you will score marks in a subject you are interested in. Period.

3) I was able to make my own notes from recommended books, Youtube videos, websites etc and tailor them to suit my needs, instead of relying on old, outdated academy notes which are often full of grammatical mistakes and written by non-experts.

4) I made several practice outlines not only on Essay topics related to fields of current affairs, but especially on topics related to philosophy, morality and literature. This really helped sharpen my critical and analytical skills, a necessity in CSS exams.

5) With the freedom to make my own notes and hand-pick my own sources, I was able to link various topics together, think critically, and build my own opinions. This is something academics don’t teach. They want you to memorize things, facts and figures, which can be a help, but are never the center of any CSS paper. I did not put unnecessary effort into learning a plethora of dates, names, timelines etc, except the most important ones. CSS examiners don’t want a mountain of facts and dates, they want to know your opinion.

6) I was free to go at my own pace and make my own timetable. Whether it was to give 15 days, or a month to a particular subject, I was the one in-charge, and I was free to adjust my timetable according to my personal needs. This meant I was free of any kind of rush or stress to finish a certain subject on someone else’s timetable.

7) I focused on the ‘content’ of the subject and actual understanding, rather than rote memorization.

8) Because I was in-charge of my own CSS journey, rather than handing it to some CSP officer in an academy, I developed confidence, self-reliance, and a sense of self-worth which are typically sapped out of you in academy. Academies create this oppressive competitive environment where you are so focused on outshining others that you lose focus on your own strengths and weaknesses.

9) My confidence, trust in Allah, and a sense of comfort in my own skin was a big contributor in my Interview success.

10) While the academy-bred candidates were bogged down with discussing silly, unimportant rules like hand and feet placements, the amount of curve your smile can have, the kind of shoes that will ensure success, I realized that appearance (no matter how important) is always, ALWAYS secondary to the substance in your words and your manner.

11) Help others out. The more you help people, the more you will learn and your own knowledge will increase.

Let me make this clear, if it isn’t already: ACADEMIES DON’T GUARANTEE SUCCESS. They are a business. Their goal is not to get you allocated, but to make money off of you. They are not invested in your success. Yes there are some amazing teachers in academies, but there are also a vast majority of those who see you purely as business and nothing more. Many CSP officers don’t know the ABCs of teaching, and are even horrible at it.

For success in CSS exams, you need only two things: full belief in ALLAH’s plans, and your own hard work, stemming out of your own passion. That’s pretty much it.
I don’t want to post in any group bcz admins may not approve it but I humbly request to all of you please share it.It is a motivation for all those who are preparing CSS at home.I think it is more than enough for all aspirants who are asking about the best academy
Very thankful to Muneeza Rafiq.. Salute to her sincerity

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