Why Students Fail in CSS and PMS

Here, you will come to know that why most of the students fail in competitive exams of CSS and PMS.

Reason of failure in CSS and PMS EXAMS

Last week, FPSC announced the result of the written part of CSS 2021. As per the data, about 2.11% of the total candidates have qualified the written, yet the most difficult, examination. Majority of them failed in verious subjects, most of them in English Essay, and Precie and Composition paper.

So, most of the aspirants are asking about the reasons the lead to failure in CSS. In this regard, i think i am not the competent and relevant individual to talk about it. The examiners who actually mark the papers can provide the best insight. However, as for as my own rough and incomplete understanding of the high rate of failure is concerned, following are some of the reasons which directly or indirectly contribute to failure in CSS.

1. I have come across hundreds and thousands of aspirants who claim that they attempted CSS without having comeplete or enough preparation. They do it either due to family pressure or for the sake of experience. I think CSS exam in not that easy to be cracked with normal/ routine or incomplete preparation. One has to prepare every subject in its full capacity, and selective study will not be enough to become a CSP. Therefore, one of the reasons is that aspirants don’t take CSS exam serious, and attempt it without proper guidance, right direction and complete study.

2. The second reason is that maximum of the candidates don’t know how to deal with English essay and Composition papers. Majority of the aspirants don’t know the basics of essay writing. Either their grammer mistakes are huge in number, or their sentence structure is so weak that it could not convey the true meaning. Moreover, the content of the essay is almost either irrelevant, incomplete, incorrect or outdated. In addition, students don’t take the Precis and Composition paper serious. They only focus on the Precis question, which is just of 20 marks, and avoid other questions which include correction, idioms, pair of word and words/meaning. Isn’t it stupidity to compromise 80 marks for the sake of 20?

3. The third reason is that some of the aspirants couldn’t handle the pressure of examination. When the candidates receive the first paper of essay, they don’t know which topic they can attempt well. Due to huge pressure, and fear, they either select a wrong topic, or they could not grasp the meaning of the title, which lead to maximum number of failure in essay and other papers. So fear factor makes the difference. These are those who have comeplete preparation, and have good chances of success. However, they couldn’t handle the pressure, and make blunders.

4. Luck also matters.


Tayyab Wazir, PSP

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