Dialogue is the best course to combat terrorism



2. Terrorism:

3. Means to combat terrorism:

– Operation.
– Dialogue.

4. Why dialogue has been necessary:

– Save a massive killing.
– To avoid retaliation.
– Decrease animosity.
– Ideology is changed, not with forces.

5. How Dialogue is the best course:

– Dialogue saves a life.
– it brings conomic stability.
– Controlled situation.
– Viewpoints of everyone taken into consideration.
– it brings a Peaceful, co-effective and sustainable environment.

6. Suggestions for effective dialogue process:

– The root cause is to be dealt with.
– All stockholders are taken in confidence.
– National interests be kept on the top.
– Public support.
– Tolerant, cooperative and optimistic attitude.

7. Conclusion:

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