Aim for the Moon if you missed it, you will fall amongst the stars

It is said that aim for the Moon if you missed it, you will fall amongst the stars.
This Post is only for the Serious Candidates of CSS, PMS and all other competitive exams.
ALHAMDULILLAH, My M.A IR degree has just completed with first division without any prior and proper studies for this very degree. All I did just focus on competitive exams studies while besides my own MSc Degree in Physics, my master degree in political science degree is also in progress. Meanwhile in preparation of competitive exams’ journey, I was capable to develop my own website and, therefore, my website CSSMCQs is also earning for me now. I worked for Competitive exams of CSS and PMS where my journey hasn’t finished yet, however, I have got its fruits. Take the aforementioned words just for the sake of motivations, these can be the alternatives if you unaccomplished success in CSS exam. Yeah, you can easily fail it because there are 98 % chances of failure every year and only 2% are success rate in CSS Exam. Nonetheless, you can fail this exam but you won’t fail in life, I guranttee you, if you worked that much hard for these exams.
I just want to convey a message through this post that if you worked hard for CSS/PMS, all other exams of Pakistan will be a piece of cake for you. No matter if you fail or pass it, you will get enough education, acquisition and wisdom to excel in any field of your life. You can get a level of competency to grab a seat in such department where these CSPs will ask for your assistance. Therefore, if you have intended to appear in upcoming CE-2022, initiate it right now. And you when think of this thing the first and foremost question is that……..
How do I prepare for CSS?
When you enter into circle of doing CSS. The very first question arises that how do I prepare for CSS Exam. Here, is a list of some important things that an aspirant should do when he starts preparing for this exam.
1. First, you need to clear your mind whether are you serious or NOT. The biggest mistake that most of the people do when they found every path closed for them, they chose to do CSS? This exactly means when you unaccomplished small challenges in your life, you give yourself the biggest challenge. Here, at this very point I don’t want to discourage or demotivate you, however, you need to review your plans according to your strength, potential and determinations. These days everyone wants to do CSS but no one wants to read newspaper, if you found reading boring or hamper in your efforts while reading newspaper at the very first week of your preparation. Stop there, and go for something else, doing CSS might not be a cup of your tea. Now let’s jump into some strategies that a new aspirant who can confront with big challenges of life, must follow these strategies:
2. Thoroughly study Past Papers of the subjects you want to opt for the exam
3. The next thing is choosing of optional subjects
4. Focus on the Syllabus of your optionals or simply try to memorize it so that you know that is important for you and what is not.
5. Just start reading anything that excites you and then shift to DAWN news
6. Write, Write and Write but then that must be checked by someone experienced in this field.
7. Try to go parallel with Compulsory and Optional Subjects, right now as there are 8 months to exam. Thus, only reading books of the both subjects are more than enough.
8. Start your preparation silently, don’t let anyone know except your parents or siblings that you are going to win the battle of CSS EXAM if you want to a piece of mind later on because this showoff may affect you grimly incase if you didn’t do it. You know, the hardest thing in these exams is revealing your failure to all those who wants to see you as a failure. You won’t get this point unless update your status like my friend did, “please everyone, don’t call me again and again, I have failed the CSS Exam”.

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