PM Imran Khan is going to conduct Special CSS Exam this year.

PM Imran Khan is going to conduct “A Special CSS” Exam this year in the month of November or December. This special CSS Exam is very beneficial for the backward areas of Balochistan and that of the Sindh. This news came into attention in the show of journalist Hamid Mir’s when Special Adviser to PM on Establishment Shahzad Arbab shared that the special CSS Exam 2020 would only be conducted this year. As 188 seats of civil servants are leftover, so in order to fill the vacant posts, PM Imran Khan plans to conduct a special CSS exam to fill all 188 vacant posts.

Live Program Show Video

Here, you can find the show where the announcement was given

Shahzad Arbab’s tweet about Particular CSS Exam

While later on Twitter Shahzad Arbab twitted that PM Imran Khan approves special CSS exam to fill 188 vacancies in federal services carried over in last few yrs. Balochistan 49, Rural Sind 41, Urban Sind 19, KP 22, ex Fata/GB 16 & AJK 2. We truly believe in giving equal opportunities to all federating units.

“We have dealt with everything and everything else is also sorted. So, when things simmer down and this pandemic is handled, we will conduct the exam later this year in November or December God-willingly,” he added.

Why the need for Special CSS Exam was felt?

A question arises that why the need for the special CSS Exam was felt this year. Here, is the answer as CSS exam is the toughest exam of Pakistan. Every year thousands of the candidates appear but only a few per cent aspirants manage to pass the written exam. Then some are remained in the psychological and in the interview processes. At last, only a meagre number of lucky candidates get an allocation. Therefore, many vacant seats are remained uncovered. However, this year Imran khan decided to fulfil these vacancies by giving an another chance to the serious and competitive aspirants. This exam will be conducted in haste where incompetent aspirant cannot win the battle to prepare for CSS in such a short period of time. There is a need for ambitious officers especially from the backward areas of the country namely Balochistan, Sindh, KPK and FATA/GB. to participate in the establishment department and work for the welfare of the country.

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Will PM Imran Khan become successful to conduct A Special CSS Exam?

As per advisor Shehzad Akbar, PM Imran Khan approves special CSS exam to fill 188 vacancies in federal services carried over in last few years. However, CSS Exam is only conducted once a year. It will be conducted on its own schedule. As the majority of the candidates didn’t make it only 2-5% get allocations. They, after consultation with Chairman of FPSC, has decided to take such a huge decision. So to these posts only get carried forward without anyone doing to fill them.

Will this special be exactly as the regular CSS Exam?

Another, question which is very prominent in all the social media platforms that Will this special CSS Exam be exactly as the regular CSS Exam? As per sources, there is no solid news over this query so far. However, if this exam is given the name of Special CSS Exam then chances are many that the same syllabus, pattern, rules and regulations and all other things will be the same as that of regular CSS exam which is conducted in every February of the year.

What is the eligibility for Special CSS Exam 202?

As mentioned above the eligibility for the special CSS Exam is same as that of the regular CSS Exam is conducted every year in the midst of February. If they bring any change into it very soon they will announce the syllabus and all other essentials for this very exam. All you need to start your preparation now before this time flow through your hands and you start repentence later on.

CSS Special Exam vacancies distribution

Css special exam unfilled vacancies

What should you do if you are willing to appear in this CSS Special Exam?

If you are willing to appear in this very special CSS exam. You should do nothing but work hard and smart both at the same time. Form this very day start your preparation. This is a very golden chance to become the cream of Pakistan. Here, you can find the complete and very deep syllabus analysis of all CSS subjects. Do follow the Syllabus and Past Papers. Get guidance from seniors and mentors. Prepare your own Notes onwards. Use the biggest resource as your best preparatory tool i.e Internet. Do read Newspapers and Magazines on a daily basis, please never miss the opinions and editorials page of Dawn news. Do follow all the rescribed and recommended Books provided by our site.

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  1. Habib

    There is no seat for punjab,, why,,??

    1. FaRan ʚïɞ

      Why not, there are 39 Punjab minority seats as well. Shehzad Akbar said in his tweet later on.
      Good luck

  2. Sarakhan

    Plzz tell me di age limit im from balochistan n my age is 37

    1. FaRan ʚïɞ

      Normally age limit for CSS exam is under 22-30 years. However, for minorities, political agents and backwards of FATA, GB and Balochistan etc FPSC provide relaxation of 2 years only which becomes 32years. I am very sorry, you are NOT eligible for CSS Exam. But please do wait for the further announcement of Rules for this very special CSS Exam.

      Good luck!

  3. Anam

    If some one has completed 3 terms so is there Ny chance to appear in this ?

    1. FaRan ʚïɞ

      It is not clear so far. However, I think, he would capable avail this opportunity because during 2013 Re-exam some people have cleared and get allocation through their 4 chance.
      Let’s see what happens next.

  4. Kinza Batool

    I’m a new css Aspirant, what is the very first step to start preparing myself for CSS exam?

    1. FaRan ʚïɞ

      I think, you should start reading newspaper especially Dawn newspaper and its daily opinions and editorials. Secondly start any of your favourite book reading which is also recommended by FPSC.
      I wish you all the best.

  5. Salman sheikh

    I am also confused and have the same questions.
    The most important is will the attempt be counted or not?

    1. FaRan ʚïɞ

      As they haven’t given any details about it yet, so it’s not confirmed so far
      Please wait for the official announcement of FPSC about complete details and conditions of this exam.

  6. Kulsoom

    Have the dates for this exam and the application form been posted yet?

  7. Urooj Earnest

    I’m 34 can I apply

    1. Seeker

      Hopefully, there would be no age restriction.
      Then you can apply. Otherwise, NO.

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