Important Vocabulary List-7 for ALL Competitive Exams
  1. Accentuate: to emphasize
  2. Accolade: pay tribute
  3. Actuate: activate
  4. Aide: to assist
  5. Alacrity: Quickly and eagerly; speed and eagerness
  6. Allay: to Calm; to make things better
  7. Alley: Alleyway; narrow passage; pathway
  8. Amateur: abecedarian; beginner; novice
  9. Ambivalent about: unsure
  10. Anathema to: strong disliking
  11. Anecdote: a short, amusing account
  12. Apprehend: catch or arrest
  13. Arcane: Secret/mysterious
  14. Arid: Much dry; unsuccessful
  15. Aspect: part/feature
  16. Attorney: lawyer
  17. Augury: sign; omen
  18. Austerity: In Economics, the policy of reducing government budget deficits by spending cuts and tax increase.
  19. Avarice: extremely strong desire for money and possession
  20. Axiom: principle
  21. Banish: expel
  22. Bashing: unfair criticism
  23. Bastion: Stronghold
  24. Bigot/Bigoted: Partisan; sectarian
  25. Bilk: cheat
  26. Bludgeon: Bulldoze someone
  27. Bolster: boost; strengthen
  28. Boondoggles: assuming that an organization or activity spends time and money a lot but achieves little
  29. Brouhaha: an excited and critical fuss or reaction to something.
  30. Cadaver: Corpse; Dead body
  31. Call the shots: Controlling and being in-charge; to have sb in the palm of your hand
  32. Callow: Naive
  33. Carnage: slaughter/massacre
  34. Camaraderie: friendship; intimacy; togetherness
  35. Capricious: given to sudden behavior change; Unpredictable; unstable; Volatile
  36. Capsize: overturn
  37. Centennial/Centenary: 100th anniversary
  38. Certes: Assuredly; I assure you
  39. Chagrin: a feeling of disappointment, upset due to feeling of your own failure
  40. Choke: Strangle; Obstruct
  41. Clamour: protest and demand in a loud, noisy way
  42. Cliché: stereotype; overused phrase or thought
  43. Coerce: pressurize
  44. Cognizance: Acknowledge/Take notice
  45. Concomitantly: Synchronously; Accordingly; Collectively
  46. Conundrum: puzzle situation; mystery
  47. Convolutions: Complication; twist; curl
  48. Corrigendum: a mistake in a printed text that needs to be corrected.
  49. Crass (behaviour): Stupid behaviour
  50. Deadpan: Bite your lip (idiom)
  51. Decennial: Ten years period
  52. Defy: Disobey or Challenge
  53. Déjà vu: In the back of your mind (idiom); flash back
  54. Deleterious: Detrimental; harmful
  55. Depredations: Harmful actions damaging much
  56. Dilate: Enlarge
  57. Discern: perceive; notice; observe
  58. Disposition: inclination; nature
  59. Dissent: Disagreement: Discord; opposition
  60. Dissident: Person who disagrees with government or organization
  61. Eccentricity: Difference of opinions/ ideas
  62. Echelon: level or rank in an organization
  63. Edict: command; instruction
  64. Egalitarian: A fair crack of whip (idiom); belief in equality
  65. Elusive: difficult to find, remember, describe or achieve
  66. Emulate: Imitate; follow
  67. Enamored: liking a lot
  68. Ensconce: establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe place.
  69. Eschew: avoid
  70. Esprit de corps: a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group
  71. Exegete: Critical interpreter esp. of religious texts
  72. Exonerate: Dismiss; Exempt; Absolve; Clear of blame
  73. Facile: simplistic
  74. Fingers crossed: to hope that things will happen in the way that you want them to:
  75. Flog a dead horse: to waste effort on something when there is no chance of succeeding
  76. Fornicate: to have sex with someone who you are not married to.
  77. Fracas: rough noisy quarrel or fight
  78. Fray: battle; melee; fracas; combat
  79. Freak out: Extremely surprised; upset; angry
  80. Fret: to be nervous or worried
  81. Fumble: muddle around
  82. Fume v.: to express anger and annoyance
  83. Funnel: Channel for sending/receiving money etc.
  84. Gaffe/Faux pas: Mistake or blunder in social context
  85. Ghetto: a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.
  86. Grill (v): to investigate
  87. Grizzled: grey or partially grey hair
  88. Gung-ho: Hostile; Warlike; extremely enthusiastic about doing something, especially going to war
  89. Halcyon days: Serene; pleasant; peaceful; placid
  90. Haul: Drag; Tug; Loot
  91. Heckle: Taunt; Jeer; Interrupt others by disgusting remarks
  92. Heyday: zenith; acme; prime time; Pinnacle
  93. Hiccup: a small problem or difficulty
  94. Histrionics: dramatic and exaggerated behavior
  95. Hobbit: a small humanlike fictitious creature
  96. If a country’s economy or something such as a process grinds to a halt, it gradually becomes slower or less active until it stops.
  97. Impasse: Deadlock
  98. Implacable: Merciless; inexorable; uncompromising
  99. Inane: Silly; fatuous; ludicrous
  100. Inaugurate: Officially start or open sth.
  101. Insidious: dangerous and unpleasant
  102. Interned: Put in prison for political reasons
  103. Ire: anger; fury
  104. Jamboree: Get-together; convention (lavish)
  105. Jettison: throw overboard; discard; dump; abdicate
  106. Keel over: Collapse
  107. Kickback: Recoil; Flinch back
  108. Lame Duck: Unsuccessful person; OR an elected official whose power is reduced because the person who will replace them has already been elected
  109. Largesse: Generous amount of money or kindness
  110. Loath: Reluctant to do something
  111. Logger: Lumberjack; a person who cuts trees
  112. Love: term used in tennis for the state of having no points
  113. Malaise: Anxiety; despair; doldrums
  114. Marooned: stuck; helpless to go anywhere
  115. Mea Culpa: used to admit that something was your fault.
  116. Melee: Disorder; Commotion; Rumpus
  117. Minion: Underling or right hand of someone
  118. Minnow: small fish that lives in lakes and rivers
  119. Moot: Debatable; Propose a topic
  120. Moratorium: ban/stoppage
  121. Morgue: funeral home; crematory; Mortuary
  122. Muckraking: Act of libel in news reporting
  123. Mum: keep quiet
  124. Nuisance: pain or trouble
  125. Nukes: nuclear weapons
  126. Oblivious: Inattentive; unconcerned; incognizant
  127. Of yore: Of a long time ago
  128. On the trot (sth happening): In a row
  129. Opprobrium: Opprobrium is open criticism or disapproval of something that someone has done. = Censure
  130. Ostensible: alleged
  131. Oversee: Supervise
  132. Palpable: Clear; obvious; evident
  133. Paltry: Very small amount
  134. Parsimonious: unwilling to spend money
  135. Penchant: Fondness; liking or habit
  136. Percipient: Astute; shrewd; responsive
  137. Perennial: Constant; prevalent
  138. Perverse: actions done unreasonably
  139. Pillory: Ridicule
  140. Pique: anger; annoyance; Offend; provoke
  141. Plethora: Excess; Plenty; Profusion; Glut
  142. Polity: Territory; state; body politic
  143. Polymath: a person of wide knowledge or learning
  144. Posterity: future generation
  145. Powhiri: traditional mode of welcoming
  146. Pragmatic: Realistic; practical
  147. Precipitate: accelerate; expedite; trigger
  148. Promiscuity: Debauchery; Immorality
  149. Purport: implication; sense; aim; meaning
  150. Putative: alleged; so-called; assumed
  151. Putsch: Coup; violent attempt to overthrow the govt.
  152. Ramshackle: A ramshackle building/boat is badly made or in bad condition, and looks as if it is likely to fall down.

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