Pakistan is a rich country but poor in management

Outline –
Pakistan is not a poor country but poor in management

  1. Introduction
  2. Potentials of Pakistan which make Pakistan not a poor country.
    i. Pakistan the land of four powerful ethnic groups – a challenge to rivals
    ii. Pakistan rich in natural and mineral resources
    iii. Pakistan the fertile land – a economic potential to export
    iv. Pakistan the gateway to Central Asia
    v. CPEC- the corridor to Middle East
    vi. Pakistan the neighbor of two largest markets of Asia
    vii. Some world’s largest glacier are in Pakistan
    viii. Northern Area of Pakistan is the tourist place
    ix. Young population is a great resource of Pakistan
    x. Powerful army is a great challenge to adversaries
    xi. Deepest sea routes are in Pakistan
    xii. Pakistan is the only Muslim Atomic country
  3. Poor management of Pakistan that makes Pakistan poor.
    i. Bad Governance
    ii. Political Instability
    iii. Lack of Accountability
    iv. Absence of Rule of Law
    v. Lack of far-sighted Financial policies
    vi. Lack of literacy and technical education
    vii. Lack of true leadership to lead Pakistan
    viii. Flawed Foreign Policy to counter national interests worldwide.
    ix. Lack of independent judiciary
    x. Lack of separation of power
    xi. Lack of land and agricultural Reforms
    xii. Lack of water reserves to conserve water.
    xiii. Lack of long-term energy conservation and production policies
  4. Conclusion

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