Important Vocabulary List-3

Didactic: intending to preach or teach; an act of teaching

Dilatory: slow; sluggish

Disarming: charming; unthreatening

Discernment: judgement

Discrepancy: inconsistency

Disillusioned: freed from wrong ideas

Disingenuous: crafy; double dealing

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Your English Vocabulary

Disparaging: critical

Distension: swelling; distend; expand

Multifarious: having many aspects

Myopic: short-sighted (literal or metaphoric)

Naivete: innocence; lack of wordliness

Nefarious: infamous; very wicked

Negate: wipe out; nullify

Nemesis: fate; doom

Nihilism: belief in nothing; anarchy

Nondescript: having no special qualities; ordinary

Notoriety: infamy

Obsequious: slavish; fawning

Occlusion: shutting out

Officious: interfering

Onerous: burdensome

Opacity: lack of transparency; being opaque

Opportunism: grabbing opportunities

Opting: choosing

Opulence: lavish display of wealth

Ornate: extremely decorated

Overhaul: renovate; examine

Palliative: sth that makes better but doesn`t cure; easy pain

Pathos: sadness; stirring the emotions; gloomy

Paucity: scarcity; shortage

Peer: An equal; to look closely at

Peevishness: childish sullenness; irritability

Penchant: tendency; leaning toward; liking

Penurious: miserly

Perquisites: perks; sth you recieve for your job

Petulant: touchy; sulky; peevish

Phlegmatic: calm; imperturbable

Phobic: fearful (Root phobia always implies fear)

Pilfer: steal; filch; rustle

Placid: peaceful; calm; serene

Plaudits: praise

Pliant: flexible

Polarized: divided into two extremes

Pragmatism: practicality

Preclude: prevent; make impossible

Precursor: forerunner; sth comes before

Predilection: liking for; penchant

Presumption: assuming too much

Profundity: depth (of ideas/thoughts)

Propensity: tendency; leaning predilection

Proponent: supporter

Prosaic: ordinary; dull

Prospectus: brochure

Prudent: wise; cautious

Punctilious: meticulous

Purportedly: apparently claiming

Quell: suppress; to stop sth such as protests

Quixotic: idealistic; impractical

Radical: revolutionary

Docile: obedient; subservient

Dubious: doubtful

Eclectic: taking things from different sources; selective

Effacement: wiping out; rub out; (self- effacement = excessive modesty)

Egotistical: selfishElitist: favoring top group; snob

Elusive: difficult to pin down

Emancipators: those who set others free

Embellished: adorned; decorated

Embittered: full of bitter feelings

Embodiment: living example of

Empathetic: exhibiting deep emotional understanding

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Your English Vocabulary

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