Jeopardize: put at risk; endanger

Judicious: fair; wise

Juxtaposition: placing two things next to each other

Knack: trick; skill

Lackadaisical: lazy; careless; lax

Lamentable: regrettable

Languid: Lacking energy; weak

Lavish: to spend freely(v); costing alot; opulent(adj)

Legitimate: to make legal; give approval to

Libelous: open to prosecution forr libel (libel = written slander)

Lithe: flexible; supple

Litigious: seeking legal remedies

Lobby: to try to persuade; entrance hall

Lucid: clear; explained

Magnanimous: generous minded; big- hearted

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Your English Vocabulary

Mandate: permission

Mandatory: compulsory

Manifesto: statement of values

Manipulative: deceptive; skill-ful at

handling people

Marred: spoiled; ruined

Meager: small; scanty; unimportant

Mercenary: seeking money above all else; interested in money and gain

Meticulous: thorough; taking care of details

Miffed: annoyed; vex

Mitigate: moderate; reduce intensity

Modicum: tiny amount

Momentous: of great importance

Monotonous: dull; repetitive

Morbidity: concern with death and disease

Motley: varied; miscellaneous

Circumvent: avoid; outwit; baffle

Coalition: a union of two parts

Ceorce: compel; force

Cognitions: mental knowledge Compendious: containing a lot in a small

space/few words

Conciliatory: bringing together; ending a dispute; soothing

Concord: agreement

Condone: tolerate

Conflagration: great fire

Congenial: friendly; sociable; suitable

Connoisseur: expert with good taste/ judgement

Consecrate: dedicate; make holy

Consummate: supremely good

Contagious: passed on through touch; infectious

Convergence: coming together

Convivial: sociable

Copious: in large amount

Corollary: consequence; inference

Corpulence: very fat-ness

Corroborated: supported; given supporting evidence

Credulity: belief on slight evidence

Cumulative: building up

Cursory: superficial

Curtail: cut short

Dalliance: non-serious involvement; toying or playing

Dearth: shortage; lacking

Debacle: disaster

Debilitate: weaken

Debunk: throw out old indeas

Deferment: putting off

Deleterious: harmful

Deliberation: careful thought

Delineate: outline

Demagogue: mob leader; agitator

Demonstrative: expressing emotions freely

Denuded: stripped

Depreciatory: devaluing; criticizing

Derelict: rundown; abandoned

Derided: mocked

Despoiled: plunder; rob; deprive

Devious: cunning

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