Pak-China Relations

1. Introduction:

2. Some Facts about China and Pakistan:

3. Historical evidence of Pak-China Friendship:

– Border settlement between Pakistan and China.
– Role of China in Pakistan-India war.
– Chinese support for Pakistan at UNSC.
– China and Nuclear Program of Pakistan.
– Role of China in the Defense needs of Pakistan.
– Pakistan’s support to China at the times of isolation.
– Pakistan’s role in bridging the gap between China and US.

4. Present Contours of Pak-China Relations:
• Economic Aspect:

– Chinese investment in the form of CPEC.
– Flourishing trade between two countries.
– FDI share from China.
– Cheap exports and Imports for China.

• Social Aspect:
– Infrastructure development in Pakistan.
– Ongoing and future energy projects in Pakistan.
– Efforts for the eradication of terrorism.
– Upgraded living standards in Pakistan.
– Disaster management in Pakistan.
• Political Aspect:
– Strings of Pearls policy.
– India as a mutual enemy.
– Stability of Afghanistan.
– US inclination toward India.
– Pakistan’s SCO membership.
– Strategic importance of Gwadar for China.

5. Challenges to the Friendship:
– Uyghur separatist’s movement.
– Targeted killings of Chinese workers in Pakistan.
– Pakistan’s engagement with the US.
– Changing nature of China-India relationship.
– Failure of CPEC project.
– Increasing gaps between economies of both countries.
– Lack of harmony in political parties of Pakistan.

6. Recommendations for future Strengthening of Bonds:
• Pakistan’s Role:
– No Support for terrorism in Xinjiang.
– Provision of foolproof security to Chinese workers.
– Political consensus over national agenda.
– Early implementation of CPEC Projects.
– No Overtures to US at the cost of China.
– Struggle for improvement of national image.
– Joint efforts for stability in Afghanistan.
• China’s Role:
– Support for Kashmir Cause.
– More assistance in energy projects.
– Enhanced trade ties.
– Assistance in the field of Education and research and development.
– Pakistan’s entry into SCO.

7. Conclusion

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