Industrial Sector of Pakistan. (Situation, Issues and Solutions)

1. Introduction:

2. Industrial Sector and Its Components:

3. Importance of Industrial Sector for a Country:

4. Different Phases of Industrial Development in Pakistan:

• 1950s: The Era of Rapid Industrial Growth:
• 1960s: The Era of Industrial Stabilization:
• 1970s: Nationalization and its Impacts:
• 1980s: Russian-Afghan war and Pro-Industrial policies of Zia:
• 1990s: The Decade of Privatization:
• Post 9/11: Commercialization under Musharaf:

5. Present Situation of Industrial Sector of Pakistan:
• Situation of Manufacturing sector:
– Large Scale manufacturing sector.
– Small Scale manufacturing sector.
• Situation of Construction Sector:
• Situation of Mining Sector:
• Situation of Electricity Generation and Distribution Sector:

6. Issue Confronting the Industrial Sector of Pakistan:
• Economic Issues:
– Energy crisis.
– Huge bank spread.
– Devaluation of currency.
– Under-utilization of national resources.
– Lack of infrastructure.
• Social Issues:

– Marginalized role of women.
– Overpopulation.
– Malnutrition and diseases.
– Corruption.
– Slackness and Lethargy.
• Political Issues:

– Terrorism.
– Flawed Policies.
– International isolation.
– Political instability.
• Administrative Issues:

– Poor performance of state-owned enterprises.
– Labyrinthine procedures and processes in government offices.
– Poor law and order situation.
– Weak criminal justice system.
– Lack of focus on R&D.

7. Some Workable Solutions to the Industrial Sector Issues:
• Provision of Uninterrupted and Cheap Supply of Energy to the Industrial Sector on Preferential Basis:
• Provision of Cheap and Easy Credit Facility:
• Maximum Extraction and Utilization of Indigenous Mineral Resources:
• Effective and Beneficial use of Women Workplace:
• Provision of Necessary Healthcare Facilities for the Labor:
• Eradication of the Scourge of Terrorism:
• Research based and Workable Industrial Policies:
• Sustenance of Democracy and Political Stability:
• Promotion of Public-Private Partnership:
• Improved Law and Order Situation and Protection of Property Rights:
• Reservation of Substantial Budget for Research and Development:

8. Conclusion

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