Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan (Need for Reform and Institution Building)

1. Introduction:

2. Good Governance and Its Indicators:

3. Importance of Good Governance for a country:

– Importance for the Economic sector.
– Importance for the Political sector.
– Importance for the Social Sector.

4. Is Pakistan Confronting a crisis of Good Governance?
Yes! The following facts are proof:

– General public’s shattered trust in Government.
– Absence of accountability culture at all levels.
– Lack of transparency in functioning of public organizations.
– Prevalence of Procrastination and red tape in day to day government functioning.
– Inadequate participation of general public in decision making.
– Persistent existence of evil of corruption.
– Absence of rule of law.
– Highly unbalanced development and growth.
– Institutional decay.
– Inadequate delivery of social services.

5. Major Causes of the Deplorable Situation of Governance in Pakistan:

– Frequent derailment of democracy.
– Impotent and puny judiciary.
– Absence of free and mature media.
– Shortsighted and self centered approach of politicians.
– Failure of educational institutions to produce good citizens.
– Excessive politicization of public sector.
– Dismal performance of the Watch Dog Institutes.
– Presence of lacunas and flaws in the criminal justice system.
– Lack of Checks and balance.
– Lack of civic awareness.
– Bureaucracy attitude.

6. Some Measures Taken by Government to Ameliorate the Situation:
– Enactment of Laws.
– Establishment of monitoring organizations and committees.
– Introduction of internal checks and controls.
– Deliberation of introduction of civil services reforms.

7. Recommended Reforms for Institution Building and Improved Governance in Pakistan:
– Active role of politicians, media and civil society to safeguard the democracy.
– Independent and responsible role of judiciary.
– Prudent and mature role of media.
– Introduction of civil services reforms to improve performance of bureaucracy.
– Introduction of technology in public sector.
– Reformation of Watch Dog Institutes.
– Necessary statutory amendments to improve the criminal justice system.
– Accountability at all level.
– Public participation in decision making.
– Role of educational institutions to produce good citizens.

8. Conclusion

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