CPEC: A Project Opportunities for Pakistan but Caught by Internal and External Challenges; Suggest how to Improve it.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): Challenges, Opportunities and Suggestions


  1. Introduction
  2. Brief Background of CPEC and Sino-Pak nexus
    a. Pak-China Relations
    b. Idea of CPEC and its motives
  3. How CPEC can be a flow of opportunities
    a. Economic Opportunities for Pakistan and its region
    i. Minute projects of CPEC multiplie its investment
    ii. Economic belt initiative ensures development
    iii. Economic hub plan improves agriculture
    iv. Early harvest projects minimize energy crisis
    v. Increasing power generation facilities industry
    vi. Infrastructural development increase tourism
    vii. Requirement of multi-faceted labor reduces unemployment
    viii. Regional connectivity expands trade and economic growth
    b. Indicators for prosperous society and positive image:
    i. Prosperity through development
    ii. Versatile learning opportunities by cultural exchange
    iii. Better living standards by poverty reductions
  4. Challenges to CPEC:
    a. Internal:
    i. Security threads by extremist groups
    ii. Defiance of separatist factions
    iii. Success uncertainty due to political dis consensus
    iv. Possible misuse of investment due to corruption
    b. External
    i. Cross border terrorism by hostile groups and neighbors
    ii. Hindrances by anti-alliances of international competitors
  5. Suggestive measures to overcome challenges
    i. Parliamentary discussion enabling consensus
    ii. Confidence building measures appeasing separatist groups
    iii. All party confidence developing national stance
    iv. Depoliticized accountability system controlling corruption
    v. Active diplomacy mitigating border tensions
    vi. Dialogues process allying international system
    vii. Strong defense building Pak-China nexus
    viii. Promote CPEC utilizing SCO
  6. Conclusion

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