Global Dynamics have changed after COVID-19

In this article, you may know that How Global Dynamics have changed after the crisis of COVID-19  

Dynamics have changed into the following paradigm

  1. China won the 3rd world war without firing a missile and no one could handle it.
  1. The United States is no longer the world’s leading country.
  2. Vladímir Putin is a visionary.
  3. Prevention saves more lives than acting at the last moment.
  4. Health professionals are worth more than a footballer.
  5. Europeans are not as educated and educated as they appear .
  6. We are not mistaken when we ask for more hospitals “and less war”.
  7. Children occupy a privileged place in nature.
  8. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.
  9. Death does not distinguish race, color, or social strata.
  10. Now we know what are problems of locked down countries like Syria & Kashmir
  11. Now we know how animals feel in zoos.
  12. Now we realise today’s children no longer know how to play without internet or TV.
  13. Health care workers are alone, abandoned and forgotten. Even so, they never give up.
  14. No pastor, pandit or molana saved coronavirus patients.
  15. We started to appreciate the great gesture of trust that means shaking hands.
  16. The planet regenerates quickly without humans.
  17. We are not prepared for a pandemic
  18. More should be invested in health rather than festivals.
Global Dynamics have been changed after COVID-19 crisis  

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