Most Repeated Words of vocabulary

Aberration: deviation; abnormality

Abstruse: Difficult to comprehend

Acumen: sharpness of mind

Adroit: skill-ful (Maladroit = clumsy)

Adulation: worship; great praise

Advocate: support

Affability: friendliness; cordiality

Affinity: kinship

Affluence: wealth; opulence

Agnostic: unsure of the existence of god

Alacrity: speed & eagerness; promptness

Alleviate: make less serve; reduce

Altruism: self-sacrifice

Amalgam: mixture

Amassed: accumulated

Ambiguous: vague; doubtful; equivocal

Ameliorate: make better; improve

Amiable: friendly; lovable

Animosity: hostility; hatred; ill-will

Apathetic: lacking energy or interest; indifference

Arable: cab be cultivated; fit for pillowing (example: arable land)

Anachronistic: out of normal time range (Root — chron always implies the time)

Arbitration: mediating between disputing sides

Arboreal: living in trees (Root — Arbor always relates to trees)

Arcane: esoteric; obscure; known only to few people

Archaic: old-fashioned

Articulation: joining; speaking clearly; distinct

Ascertain: find out; make sure

Astute: wise; mentally sharp

Augment: increase in size or number
Aural: through the sense of hearing

Autocrat: absolute ruler; dictator

Autonomy: self-government

Barrage: bombardment; stream (of abuse etc.); continous attack

Benevolent: kindly; cheritable

Belabor: over-emphasizing

Belied: contradicted

Be litters: people who criticize/disparage

Boorishness: rudeness; ill-mannered behavior

Bountiful: generous

Brevity: briefness

Bypass: avoid; find a way around

Byzantine: excessive; decadent

Cacophony: noise; din

Callous: cruel & unfeeling

Candid: truthful; straight forward; free from prejudice

Capricious: whimsical; changeable

Censure: criticize; blame

Circumstantial: accidental; indirect

Cerebral: concerned with thinking

Insightful: perceptive; can be understood

Insipid: flavourless; bland Insolence: lack of respect; rudeness; impudence

Insolvent: bankrupt

Insufferable: can not be tolerated

Insular: narrow-minded

rebel; combative

Integrity: honor; honesty

Intemperate: not moderate; excessive

Intermittent: on & off; not continous; spasmodic

Intonation: tone of voice

Intrigued: interested and curious

Intuition: sixth sense; gut feeling

Irony: something unexpected; words to convey opposite meaning

Irreproachable: can not be criticized; blameless (Reproach = critize)

Irresolute: lacking firmness of purpose; hesitant

Invocation: prayer

Irreverence: lack of respect

Jaded: tired; bored

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Most Repeated Words of vocabulary

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