Political Science OR International Relations?

Political Science OR International Relations?

For the past few weeks, this question is very eminent in every CSS group whether to go for Political Science or International Relation. The intriguing thing is that People are also providing their hollow opinions in order to fill the void without any prior knowledge or experience. In fact, such people will let you even more bewildered because everyone is implementing their own interests upon you. If a person likes a subject, he will find various ways in order to find his peers. But the thing is that what should you do?
As you’re going to sit in the exam, therefore, it is high time for you to select optionals according to your background, potential, and interest etc. This is the very initial phase of your CSS exam, you’re supposed to learn how to take decisions on your own, if you cannot, stop dreaming of doing CSS. For if you failed in this very step of your exam by following others blindly and not your heart. I don’t think so if you are competent to appear in competitive exams. All you need little guidance in order to select your optionals, let me help you in this regard.
kindly focus on the following things while opting your optionals in descending order.
– Your background
(It can even let you pass your paper with zero preparation)
– Interest
(All the world is running upon interest, with this you can make the toughest subject easiest for you)
– Potential
(You know better what is handy and convenient for you and what is not)
– Common subject
(Check out which subject’s topic are common with your compulsory and optionals subjects and collapse with the rest of your subjects, indeed, it will save your time and energy)
– Syllabus
(Watch out which subject’s syllabus is less, and may take your lesser time to get across without any hurdle)
– Scoring Trend
(To me, scoring trend is a myth because if you are good in a good subject and you also performed well in that subject. I believe, it will be a great injustice to you if the examiner would let you get higher marks in that very subject)

Furthermore, both Political Science and International Relations (I.R) are the core, vast and scoring as well as interesting.

Political Science will help you up to some extent in

  • – English Essay
  • – Current affairs
  • – Pakistan affairs
  • – History of Pakistan and India
  • – International Relations
  • – Philosophy
  • – Constitutional law

International Relations can help you out in up to some degree

  • – English Essay
  • – Current affairs
  • – Pakistan affairs
  • – International law
  • – US History
  • – British History
  • – Political Science
  • – Economics

To cap it all, review onwards 2016 past papers of both subjects that will also uplift you which subject is more suitable for you to opt without any further delay.

FaRan ʚïɞ

P.s you can also disagree with me but with a strong assertion.

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