In this article, we are going to know that what is CSS(Central Superior Services)? Why you should try CSS Exam? How to handle its pressure and how to pass CSS exam with flying colours?

Tips and Tricks to Pass CSS Exam!

CSS(Central Superior Services)

CSS stands for Central Superior Services. It is a permanent elite bureaucratic authority and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. The Prime Minister is the final authority on all matters regarding the civil service.

CSS Exam

CSS exam is considered the toughest and longest exam of the country Pakistan. Where a candidate has to appear in twelve papers in which six are called compulsory subjects and six subjects are known as optional subjects. For both of these subjects, a comprehensive syllabus is provided by Federal Public Service Commission(FPSC).


A statutory body of the Government of Pakistan constituted in 1947, functions under the guiding principles of Articles 18, 25, 27, 34, 36, and 38 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 and under Section 7 of the Federal Public Service Commission Ordinance 1977.

Therefore, Civil Services have become the key wheels on which the entire engine of the state has to move. Hence the leaders for these services are drawn through the competitive examination. The officers thus appointed are bestowed with solemn responsibilities and are scheduled to hold the highest offices in the country.

Why you should try CSS?

Pakistan today needs young men and women, with qualities of both head and heart. To choose only such balanced individuals is the purpose of the civil services examination. So, if you have intelligence, intellect, team-spirit, leadership qualities, commonsense, originality, communication skills and have a dynamic personality, then Civil Service is waiting for you. Therefore, pass CSS exam to Join Civil Service of Pakistan.

Why CSS Exam is considered tough?

However, it is merely easy to say and appear in CSS examination but only those who have have been going to such a journey may know how hard it is to study the entire year with meagre chances of success and giving two papers in a day where you find no time to revise the massive syllabus of twelve subjects. That is why a part of candidate tend not to appear in the rest of the paper after appearing in English Essay and Precis paper on the same day. it is rightly said that the CSS exam is the game of nerves only.

How to tackle CSS Exam Pressure?

Now, let us discuss how to pass CSS Exam and handle the pressure of CSS Exam

If you’re fed up with your CSS Studies, read it till the end and follow it too.
Everyone is Talking about CSS But Only a Few of Us Really do it, how? To become an officer might be a dream of everyone but becoming a CSS officer is the real craze of those who really think, they are competent enough and are capable to become the cream of Pakistan. People are going for it while bearing the various reasons into their minds which are different from a person to a person, however, most of them go for it because a CSS officer enjoys a very good and powerful place in society. He becomes the part of that administration under which he has grown up so far. And gets a lot of facilities and opportunities to learn, grow and assist others. He got the power to stop corruption, halt the ways of evil and hinder the path of offenders and sadly, vice versa. But On the flip side, preparation for such exams is considered the most prolong and tedious process and that is a valid reason where a majority of the People tend to give up before even they startup because they don’t get the immediate results. But you need to understand that big achievements take time.

In all, if they were so achievable in a short amount of time, indeed, everybody would be doing them.

So ponder over your big goals, put them into your frame and stay patient.
Let me tell you that all those who are CSP now, at some point were bearing the same thoughts of failure and frustration what you are dealing with at the very moment. It is the most unreliable exam of Pakistan where the topper of tomorrow is afraid today about his failure in the very exam. And the successful candidate of today is not really sure whether he may pass it again with certainty. It is like a chicken and egg situation for everyone indeed, and frankly speaking, this is what history has proved too I am not building castles in the air. Therefore, I would say if you also think that you can, you obviously can. Believe in yourself and take an initiative right now. The happiest thing is that those who have cleared this exam so far were also from the same planet you are dwelling now in.

Tips and Tricks for Clearing CSS Exam

All you need some devotion with smart study and a stair of luck too. However, you ought to keep in mind that it is a very long and tedious process which takes almost 2 years entirely in the ultimate selection, but if you are too much gloomy and dispirited right now, let me tell you that after going through this prolong and unpredictable, with lots of horns process you will not go any farther but further lose your motives and will go simply a mad. I would say that you need nothing but a right direction, a crystal cleared mind, a pious soul and a kind of provocation. Therefore, follow the subsequent techniques and take a start-up right now if you are really meant to do CSS.

How to pass CSS Examination

In order to get pass the CSS examination, I would recommend the following strategies.

1. Avoid too much socialization; including chatting uselessly on social media, WhatsApp and contacting blithely with harum-scarum people, otherwise, you too will lose your spirit of doing CSS on the very second day because when you put yourself on the CSS track, it becomes the need of the time to adapt your social milieu in the very first place.
2. Watch & read interviews of various CSS Officers; like those in JWT youtube’s Interview Series, JWT monthly Magazines interviews, KIPS Global age Interviews and in other places etc.
3. Join CSS forum and CSS concerned groups in earnest and spend your utmost time there, instead of social networking sites and apps etc. Learn the value of this time.
4. Surround yourself with serious CSS aspirants in your life, find a candid mentor for yourself if possible of your same gender, otherwise, you will deviate from your path inadvertently, just jesting:p
5. When you’re about to quit or can’t study well, think, why did you start it. Hopefully, you will get a reason to restart your preparation.
6. Trust in your LORD first, then yourself. HE never let anyone’s hardships in a futile way.
7. Stay away from negative peoples, who neither can do CSS nor believe in you. Rather, prove them wrong by the achievement of your goal of CSS.
8. Assist your juniors with an open heart; you’re going to be a part of the most prestigious exam of Pakistan, get rid of narrow mindedness as soon as possible.
9. As coming events cast their shadows before; therefore become a CSP in your sight leastwise; behave like them, pretend that you have that position and soon you will have it in your real-life Insha’ALLAH. Adopt their attitudes; uplift poor, provide your support to those who are already abnegated by others and don’t have the capacity to join any so-called CSS academy, do solve their problems and lastly prefer your society over yourself. As most of the people are saying that they are doing CSS in order to help their country, therefore, bring home the bacon onwards with the purity of your heart and soul. Let’s see who can hinder your path of success in this journey.
10. If you’re truly willing of success in CSS. I think it is essential to keep your intention right and work hard consistently without delaying any further. The sooner you get the track, the faster you will get to the point of your destination.
11. However, remember while in your preparation stage, try not to compare yourself to others just to raise your “status” like insecure and naive people do all the time. If you need to prove yourself. Do and pursue things you love and don’t worry about what other people think of you. The empty vessels make the much noise, therefore, don’t ever try to let more and more people know that you are preparing for CSS just for the sake of showoff amongst in your friends and family members. It will extra pressurize you, however, let your achievement in this very exam make the noise of your success.
12. In last, many people give up at the very start of the year of the exam because they feel; they are not prepared this time. They do not realize that no one feels fully prepared these times, not even the repeaters. Therefore, the fear of failure does not allow them to face this challenge head-on. whilst Failure is not something bad, every champion has failed many times. Don’t feel bad about failures, change your mindset, instead of thinking about something as a failure, think about it as an opportunity to learn. Successful people persevere through failures and make adjustments through failures in their lives.

All my prayers and wishes for all of you.

FaRan ʚïɞ

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