In this article you will learn that what is Coronavirus china, How did Coronavirus start and What are the Symptoms, Preventions and Treatments of Coronavirus.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) disease is contagious, it is capable of being transmitted by infection very easily from a person to person. Secondly, there is no vaccine made so far which can end the affects of a virus. And that is how Coronavirus is considered a dangerous disease but yet Stay home, stay calm (clean) And don’t panic.

Because 90% of COVID-19 disease is curable.
we are going to discuss the Symptoms, Preventions and Treatments of Coronavirus. And the situation of Coronavirus in Pakistan. As I’m making this presentation on 22nd March, 2020. Therefore, I might be given details of the current date. Please note that with due passage of time there might be some variation in these datas.

What is Coronavirus?

the shape defining coronavirus’ structure and its microscopic view

Coronavirus disease which is also known as COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. The disease causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms like a cough, fever, and in more severe cases, a person may feel very difficulty while breathing. In this article you will learn in detail about the Symptoms, Preventions and Treatments of Coronavirus.

Why is it called as Coronavirus?

This new strain of Corona Virus has been named N-COV (Novel Corona Virus), where Novel means new. This attempt was so new that they could not even think of a name So they named it Novel Corona Virus. However, other view said that the name “coronavirus” is derived from Latin word corona, which means “crown” or “wreath”, itself a borrowing from Greek κορώνη korṓnē, “garland, wreath”. The name refers to the characteristic appearance of virions (the infective form of the virus) by electron microscopy, which has a fringe of large, bulbous surface projections creating an image reminiscent of a crown or of a solar corona.

Coronavirus map and Shape of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus map looks somewhat like this

Death tolls of coronavirus

Coronavirus Death Tolls are as 10,050 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 20, 2020. Nearly 220,000 people have now been confirmed with the coronavirus globally, of which at least 84,000 have recovered from COVID-19, while more than eight thousand have died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University in the US.
While this image shows the situation of COVID-19 Worldwide which is taken today dated 20-03-2020

The Interesting fact about Corona Virus (COVID-19) is that it does not attack those people who have a strong immune system. For instance, it is said that it attacks children of around 5 years age and older people above 50 years of age. But here a question arises that why China and Italy are on the top of the list.
It is observed and some people believe that


First Chine is mostly affected due to the reason that it was the origin of such a virus. Secondly, Chinese constantly (almost every day) eat rice with filthy animal’s meat, like dogs, cats, rats, etc.that is why China is most affect by CoronaVirus.


Italy, on the flip side, as the above graph of corona virus indicates that Italy is the second most affected country in the world after China because Italians mostly prefer to eat Pizza! They don’t like to try other high nutrient food. Thus, if this aspect is seen then their immune system was not capable to challenge the attack of COVID-19.

How to make the Immune System strong to surpass CoronaVirus

To make your immune system stronger, do eat all kinds of food items on different days and different times, like:

1. Sleep more than 8 hours a day,
2. Drink water or juices after every 2 hours,
3. Wash your hands more frequently with sanitizer, soap or whatever,
4. Avoid junk food, like burgers, sandwiches, etc., available outside !
5. Eat Pulses (Daal Masur, moong, channa, mash, etc.),
6. Drink Milk and/or eat Yoghurt (Dahi),
7. All types of flours (Aata), like wheat, rice, maize, jar flours,
8. All types of vegetables, like carrots, bhindi, potatoes, tomatoes, turiyan, etc.,
9. All types of fruits, like apples, bananas, strawberries, etc.,
10. Eggs, fish and mutton meat.

And, every food item, that’s easily available and cheaper and affordable like Yoghurt (Dahi), Eggs and Bananas. Particularly, drinking Milk (or Yoghurt), Eating “Eggs” and “Bananas” is sufficient enough to maintain a strong immune system that fights the Corona Virus.

Why is it called Coronavirus China?

It is associated with China and generally called Coronavirus China because it started from a place named Wuhan which is the capital of Hubei province, People’s Republic of China. It was found there on 31st December 2019. There it is called known as Coronavirus China.

What is the original source of Coronarivus and

How Coronavirus Spreaded

The original source of most of the Corona Viruses is mostly some animals which affect a human and then later through human to human contact and through human to human transmission, these corona viruses spread amongst humans.
For example, in the case of SARS, the original source was a bat. MERS is another similar Corona Virus which spread in the Middle East during 2012-13. The original source of that was a camel. The exact original source of the new Corona Virus which has not yet been discovered. However, some scientists suspect that the original source might be snakes. But some scientists believe that they might be bats again because there are 96% similarities in the new corona virus as compared to the Corona Virus that came from bats earlier.

Symptoms of Coronavirus diseases

When Coronavirus affected someone they may be sick with the virus for 1 to 14 days before developing symptoms. The most common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients have digestive symptoms i.e Diarrhea and other digestive symptoms are the main complaint in nearly half of coronavirus patients. According to some Chinese researchers report. Most victims with coronavirus have respiratory signs, but these findings from the early stages of the outbreak note that digestive difficulties are prevalent in many patients with COVID-19. On the other hand, some other symptoms of Coronavirus diseases are illness, tiredness, and dry cough. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease due to their strong immune system without needing any special treatment. However, those people whose immune system is weak may become a victim of this virus very easily.
Moreover, the disease can be severe and even fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), maybe more vulnerable to becoming critically sick. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)
Victims of Coronavirus diseases People may experience: cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty breathing (severe cases).

Preventions of Coronavirus diseases

The very sad thing is that there’s currently no proper vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) owing to the reason that a vaccine consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic cells injected in order to stimulate the production of antibodies. Virus and vaccine both are made from a killed, weakened, or partial version of a pathogen, therefore, it cannnot abolish the virus completely. All you need to protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus to others:

“Dos” and “Don’t” Coronavirus tips: The dos and don’ts of social distancing

There are some “Dos” and “Don’ts” suggest by World Health Organization (WHO) which must be followed to face the virus

Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze
Avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell
Stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell


Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean.
Don’t travel if you have a fever. If you get sick on flight, inform the crew immediately. When you return home, immediately contact a doctor.

Treatments of Coronavirus diseases

Again it is sadly said that there is no specific medicine to prevent or treat coronavirus disease (COVID-19). But you a victim may need supportive care to breathe properly.
In such a case you can do two things i.e Self Care and Medical Treatment


If you have felt the aforementioned symptoms, stay at home until you’ve recovered.
You can relieve your symptoms if you:

Rest and sleep
Keep warm
Drink plenty of liquids
Use a room humidifier or take a hot shower to help ease a sore throat and cough

Medical treatments

If you found

Digestive problem, illness, cough, and have difficulty in breathing,

Promptly seek medical care. Call in advance and tell your health provider of any recent travel or recent contact with travellers.
In a nutshell, If you are you well aware of the Symptoms Preventions and Treatments of Coronavirus you may confront this disease easily. And if found this article informative and knowledgeable then please share this with your friends and family for public awareness.
Do not be afraid of the Coronavirus, but the ONE who controls it and the entire world:)

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