Status of Women in Islam

1. Introduction:

2. Status of women before Islam and in Other Religions:
– Status of women in Arabia.
– Status of women in Roman Empire.
– Status of women in Hinduism.
– Status of women in Buddhism.

3. Status of women as Granted by Islam:
• Status in house:
– As a mother.
– As a sister.
– As a wife.
– As a daughter.
• Status in Society:
– Right to life.
– Right to honor and dignity.
– Right to education.
– Right to forming and breaking conjugal relations.
• Status in state:
– Right to enjoy fundamental human rights.
– Right to enjoy citizenship of state.

4. In Today’s world, do Women Actually Enjoys The Status granted to them by Islam:
• No:

5. Causes of poor Status of Women in Islamic States:
• Religious causes:
– Negative role of religious leaders.
– Misinterpretation of religious injunctions.
– Avoidance of Ijtihad in Muslim states.
• Political causes:
– Undemocratic government.
– Lack of political will.
– Poor legislation.
– Lack of representation in decision making I.
• Social Causes:
– Illiteracy of men.
– Taboos, customs and traditions.
– Security issues.
– High childbirth rates.
• Economic causes:
– Poverty at domestic level.
– Budgetary constraints at national level.
– Lack of economic opportunities.

6. Recommendation for the Amelioration of Situation:
– Role of moderate religious leaders to propagate true message of the religion.
– Enactment and strict implementation of laws.
– To end domestic violence.
– To provide security at workplace.
– To control child of early marriages.
– Fixation and enactment of quotas.
o In elected bodies.
o In educational institutions.
o In jobs.
– Counseling of male member of society.
– Awareness campaign.
– Allocation of more budgets.
o For women education.
o For population control programs.
o For soft loans.
o For women health and nutrition.

7. Conclusion

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