Religion: A Solution or Itself An Issue

2. An overview of major religions and their injunctions:
3. Some issues apparently created by religion:
– Inter-religious hatred.
– Sectarianism.
– Fanaticism and Intolerance.
– Traditionalism and Conservatism.
– Gender Discrimination.
– Fatalism.
4. Do religion really cause a problems or is it merely an allegation?
5. Causes of misunderstanding about religion:
– Negative role of religious leaders and so called icons.
– Ineffective contribution by the media.
– Insufficient focus on religious education in modern educational institutions.
– Pursuit of political motives in the guise of religion.
– Lack of civilization.
6. Actual causes of the problems faced by world:
– Political power games.
– Economic motives of the nations.
– Lack of civilization in human beings.
– Missing element of character building in educational institutes.
– Poor control over and monitoring of scientific advancement.
– Deleterious impacts of electronic and social media.
7. Do religion provide a solution to the issues the present world is confronted with?
Yes all religions:
– Propagate Humanism and provide mechanism for the creation of a terror free world.
– Inculcate moral values and provide solutions to the issues of moral degradation.
– Encourage generosity and benevolence to resolve poverty and privation issues.
– Spread patience and restrain and thus develop a society free of atrocities and injustices.
– Inculcate sense of accountability and responsibility in society and address the issue of flouting of laws, rules and principles.
– Teach self-restraint and self control and resolve all issues created by rapacity and avarice.
8. Recommendations for the dissemination of true massage of the religion:
– Positive role of religious icons.
– Government’s patronizing the dissemination of religion in its pure form.
– Introduction of religion as integral part of curricula.
– Positive role of media.
– Focus on similarities in different religions.
9. Recommendations for the solutions of world issues:
– Effective role of UNO.
– End of power game.
– Effective role of media in sensitization of brains.
– Devising modus operandi for countering the detrimental effects of scientific advancement.
– Diverting energies towards the achievement of SDGs.
– Compassionate, considerate and solicitous attitude of the superpowers.
10. Conclusion:

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