Backwardness of Women Leads to Backwardness of The Nation

1. Introduction:

2. Different facts of women backwardness:

• Illiteracy.
• Economic deprivation.
• Malnutrition.
• Limited role in decision making.
• Sexual Harassment.
• Domestic Violence.
• Early or Childhood marriages.
• Excessive pregnancies.

3. Does backwardness of women leads to backwardness of the nation:
Yes it’s true! It’s backwardness of women that:
• results in morally weak society which is full of:
– Crimes.
– Corruption and favoritism.
– Ineptness and incompetence.
– Drug addiction.
• Wreak havoc with the economy of the country by affecting:
– Decrease in GDP.
– Decrease in Exports.
– Decrease in the tax revenue of the state.
– Rise in Inflation.
– Increase in poverty.
• Adversely affects the health of the nation because of:
– Poor knowledge of hygiene and cleanliness.
– Poor knowledge of Nutrition.
– Ignorance of ways to stay healthy.
• Generates the issue of overpopulation:
• Creates deteriorates impact on the image of the country.

4. Causes of women backwardness:
• Religious Causes:
– Negative role of so-called religious leaders.
– Misinterpretation of religious injunctions.
– Less consideration of Ijtihad in Muslim states.
• Political Causes:
– Lack of political will.
– Poor of insufficient legislation.
– Lack of representation in decision making.
• Social Causes:
– Illiteracy of men.
– Taboos, customs and traditions.
– Security issues.
– High rate of childbirth.
• Economic Causes:
– Poverty at domestic level.
– Budgetary constraint at national level.
– Lack of economic opportunities.

5. Different steps being taken at national and international level for women empowerment:
• Millennium Development Goals MDGs:
• Sustainable Development Goals:
• Different laws and Policies:
• Awareness Campaigns:
• Role of NGOs:

6. Recommendations for the Amelioration of women conditions:
• Propagation of True Massage of Islam Through Moderate Religious Leaders:
• Enactment and Strict Implementation of Laws for:
– End of domestic violence.
– Provide security at workplace.
– Control early childhood marriages.
• Fixation and enhancement of Quotas in:
– Elected bodies at national as well as provincial legislature.
– Educational Institutions.
– Jobs in Public as well as private sector.
• Counseling of the Male Members of the Society:
• Awareness Campaigns:
• Allocation of More Budget for:
– Women education.
– Population control programs.
– Soft loans.
– Women’s health and nutrition.

7. Some other recommendations for the development of a nation:
• Focus on Education:
• Allocation of More Budget for Research and Development:
• Eradication of Corruption:
• Sustenance of Democracy and Political Stability:
• Rule of Law:
• Promotion of Accountability culture:
• Devolution of Power and Authority:

8. Conclusion:

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