Importance of Free Media

1. Introduction:

2. Media and its types:
– Print Media.
– Electronic Media.

3. Components of freedom of media:
– No censoring of news / programs by the government.
– No imposition of economic restraints.
– No cancellation of permits / Licenses.
– No threats to journalists.

4. Importance of Free Media:
• Importance for political sector:
– Ensures sustenance of democracy.
– Guarantees an environment of accountability.
– Spreads political awareness.
– Assists the Government in decision making.
– Strengthen electoral process.
• Importance for Economic sector:
– Provides government with the information on national and international economic trends.
– Assists investors in economic decision making.
– Highlights mistakes and wrongdoing of government.
• Importance for Social Sector:
– Imparts informal education.
– Disseminates information and knowledge.
– Inculcates etiquettes.
– Upgrades living standards.
– Highlights social evils.
– Reflect true image of nation.
– Indicates violation of human rights.
– Provide cheap source of Entertainment.

5. Role of Media in Pakistan: A case study.
– Lawyer’s movement against Parvez Musharaf.
– Restoration of Judiciary.
– Change of Public opinion with reference to terrorists.
– Privatization of Steel Mill and other units.
– Sustenance of Democracy.
– Emergence of Third political force and 2013 Elections.
– Changing status and role of women.

6. Some negative impacts:
– Revealing of national secretes.
– Promotion of obscenity.
– Deterioration of morality.
– Spread of consumerism.
– Causing of mental unrest.
– Deteriorations of foreign relation of country.
– Damage to the image of nation and state.

7. Causes of Evils of the Media:

8. Recommendations:

• For ensuring independence of Media:
– Enactment of Laws.
– Public awareness campaign.
– Active role of civil society.
– Independent role of judiciary.
– Mature role of media organizations.
• For eradication of evils of Media:

– Enactment of laws and strict implementation.
– Effective role of regulatory authorities.
– Establishment of effective mechanism within media organizations.
– Devising of a consensus-based code of conduct collectively by media organizations.
– Provision of better work facilities to media personnel.
– Promotion of media education as an important field.
– Training of media personnel.

9. Conclusion

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