Important Vocabulary List-4

Encompassed: included; surrounded

Encroach: trespass; violate

Endorsed: supported

Entourage: group of followers; retinue; cortege

Envisioning: imagining; predicting

Epitome: essence; typical example or symbol of

Equanimity: peace of mind; balance; calm

Equitable: fair and equal

Eradicate: wipe out; remove

Erudition: learning; scholarly knowledge

Esoteric: obscure; arcane; known to few

Estrangement: separation

Eulogy: praise

Exacerbate: make worse

Exasperation: frustration and annoyance

Excise: cut out

Exemplar: excellent example of

Exonerated: proved not guilty; acquit

Exorbitant: excessive

Exotic: strange; foreign

Expeditious: speedy; hasten

Extant: still in existence; opposite of extinct

Extirpation: destruction

Extol: praise; glorify

Extrapolate: predict on the basis of existing data; extended

Facile: over simplified

Faction: section; group with common interests

Fastidious: very fussy; excessively concerned (esp. about cleanliness)

Fawning: groveling; slavish; obsequious

Fidelity: faithfulness; loyalty

Finagle: wheedle; wangle; trick

Finesse: skill

Fitful: intermittent; on and off; not continous

Flabbergast: shock; make speechless

Flag: to lose energy; to signal

Rambunctious: boisterous; highly exuberant; unruly

Rancor: bitterness and bad feeling

Ratify: give approval to (official)

Raze: known down, destroy

Reclusive: Avoid other people; solitary

Recrimination: blame

Rectitude: uprightness

Redolent: smelling of (literal or metaphoric)

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Regressive: moving backwards (literal or metaphoric)

Rehash: revamp hurriedly/carelessly; to arrange in new form without improvement

Remiss: neglectful

Repertoire: range; set of skills

Reprehensible: very bad; culpable; blame worthy

Reprieve: let off (atleast temporarily); delay; cancel

Reprimanded: scolded

Resilience: strength; ability to withstand

Resolute: firm of purpose

Retraction: removal; taking back

Rhetoric: persuasive language

Robust: strong and sturdy

Rousing: stirring; full of enthusiasm

Rudimentary: elementary; basic; not developed

Salvageable: can be saved

Sanctity: holiness

Sarcasm: sneering; bitter remarks; ironic or taunting

Scouring: cleaning thoroughly; thorough searching; comb

Scrutinize: examine carefully

Scuttled: sunk; foil

Secluded: lonely; isolated

Sedate: calm; placid

Shroud: a cover for dead body; to cover

Sedulous: thorough; eager

Serene: peaceful

Sermonize: give moral lecture

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Your English Vocabulary

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