Important Vocabulary List-5

Slipshod: careless; untidy

Solace: comfort

Solicitous: expressing care and concern

Somber: gloomy

Sophistry: devious logic

Soporific: sleep inducing; sleep producer

Sporadic: intermittent; not continous; short stayed

Spurned: shunned; rejected

Squander: waste

Squelch: suppress; crush

Steadfastness: loyalty; firmness of purpose

Stifling: suppressing

Stipulated: insisted

Substantiate: give supporting evidence

Floridity: floweriness in language; redness

Foil: frustrate; battle; defeat

Formidable: inspiring awe; impressive and powerful difficulty

Foster: support; encourage

Foundered: sank; failed; stumbled

Fraudulent: crooked; intending to cheat

Frugal: economical; parsimony

Furtive: secretive

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Your English Vocabulary

Futile: useless; waste of time and effort

Gestures: signals

Glacial: icy; unfriendly

Glutton: greedy; spearing in eating and drinking

Grating: harsh; rasping; irritating

Gratuitous: free; unwarranted

Grimy: dirty

Hackneyed: commonplace; banal; over- used

Heterogeneity: variety; non-uniformity

Hilarity: great laughter

Histronic: melodramatic; expressing exaggerated emotion

Holistic: whole; entire

Hubris: excessive pride; haughtiness

Husbandry: careful management of resources

Idiosyncratic: quirky; eccentric; unique to an individual

Igominy: shame

Imperious: in a commanding manner

Impetuosity: impulsiveness; rash

Impudent: cheeky; irrespectful

Inane: silly (CSS 2019 repeated)

Incoherence: lack of clarity

Inconsequential: unimportant

Inconspicuous: not easily seen; indiscernible

Indiscriminate: without thought; random; careless

Indomitable: unshakeable; fearless

Indulgent: kindly; pampering

Ineffable: cant be expressed in words

Ineptitude: lack of ability

Infelicity: unsuitabilility; inappropriateness

Infusion: influx; addition

Ingenuous: naive

Indigenous: native to a locality

Indictment: charge; legal accusation

Innocuous: harmless

Inscrutable: not easy to comprehend

Subversive: intending to overthrow; seditious; split

Succulent: juicy

Supplant: replace; usurp

Supple: flexible; pliant; lithe

Surfeit: excess

Sustain: support; experience

Sycophant: toady; servile flatterer

Tactile: through the sense of touch

Tangential: off the point; irrelevant

Temper: moderate

Temperamental: volatile; changeable

Temporize: put off; procratinate; delay

Tenacious: holding firmly to idea or purpose

Therapeutic: medicinal

Thwarted: prevented

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Your English Vocabulary

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