What are the Hurdles in Our Way to Becoming a Truly Independent State

1. Introduction:

2. Measures to gauge the independence of a state:

3. Critical analysis of Pakistan’s 68 years of independence:

4. Hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state:

• Political:
– Problematic borders.
– Military domination: An impediment to development of other state institutions.
– Lack of consensus among politicians on major issues.
– Perennial issues of terrorism.
– Shortsighted, imprudent and impetuously-designed foreign policy.
• Administrative:
– Spineless bureaucracy.
– Delayed justice.
– Dishonesty, Nepotism, and Red-tapism.
– Flawed transparency and accountability mechanism.
• Economic:
– Vicious circle of poverty.
– Outdated techniques of agricultural farming.
– Unbridled inflation rate.
– Undocumented economy.
– Blind privatization.
• Religious:
– Pathetic role of religious icons for power lust.
– Inculcation of anti-democratic sentiment in the minds of followers and support of dictatorship.
– Use of religious followers as a pressure group.
– Ineligible role of religious parties in promoting sectarianism.
– Inclination towards taqleed rather than Ijtehad.
• Social:
– Marginal and unproductive role of women.
– Class disparities due to feudalism and landlordism.
– Resistance of general masses to adopting new things.
– Uncontrolled population growth.

5. Can we ever become a truly independent nation? Yes.

6. Recommendations for removing the hurdles in becoming a truly independent state:

– Strengthening of democracy by ensuring continuity of credible elections and proper vetting of candidates.
– Devising meticulous, far-sighted and independent foreign policy.
– A complete overhauling of administrative systems.
– Adopting prudent and visionary economic policies.
– Enacting of stringent laws to broaden the tax net.
– Promoting progressive scholars.
– Launching of media campaign to change the mindset of society.

7. Conclusion

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