Solved Correction CSS-2020 of English Précis and Composition Paper

 CSS-2020 Solved Correction

1. I won him in the race. (incorrect)
I won against him in the race. (correct)


  1. He said that I am playing chess. (incorrect)

He said that he was playing chess. (correct)


  1. Unless you do not try, you will never succeed.(incorrect)

Unless you try, you will never succeed.(correct)


  1. He wrote with ink.(incorrect)

He wrote in ink.(correct)


  1. What country he belongs to?(incorrect)

Which country does he belong to?(correct)


  1. When he reaches to manhood, he will visit to England.(incorrect)

When he reaches adulthood, he will visit England.(correct)

  1. The new session commences from February 1st, 2020.(incorrect)

The new session commences on February 1st,2020.(correct)


  1. Please send this letter on my address.(incorrect)

Please send this letter to my address. (correct)

Rana Muhammad Dilawar


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