How CSS toppers crack CSS using study Time Table

Here, you will come to know that How CSS toppers crack CSS using a study Time Table.

How CSS toppers crack CSS using study Time Table

One study secret that any CSS topper will not reveal to you is that’s their timetable. Do you know how the toppers are successfully studied throughout their journey? Despite of their struggle, how they are kept their momentum.

You may have the inspiration while you start, but there is no guarantee, your motivation will start to dwindle at any time of your preparation duration. Because CSS has such a bloating syllabus, it requires you routine study for a long. So, how?

What’s the heck CSS toppers did to keep up their momentum when they prepare? Is there any secret? No.

Then what?
It’s all about planning! CSS toppers are usually good planners. You need to develop a strong study plan and stick with that.

Do you remember?
In school days, usually the teacher gives us homework daily. So, for that given day, the only thing we have to do is doing the homework, after that, we can do whatever we want whether playing or watching t.v.

Like that, you don’t need to study entire CSS syllabus in one day and it’s impossible.😉

You need to go slow _ but long.

First read the whole syllabus, then collect all the study materials you want for the whole preparation, your study resources should be include both online materials and offline materials. Then break them into topic wise. And schedule the topics in your daily timetable. You can create a timetable using a physical notebook, diary, even spreadsheets and there are some cool ‘To-do list’ apps such as wunderlist and Todolist.

If you ask anyone that how keep yourself motivated, usually you get response like that ‘do what you love’, ‘Be passionate’ and so on. But that’s not true. Because you can’t passionate about everything.

For say, you may love history but it doesn’t mean you also love geography. (To achieve anything you need to do things that you don’t love too).

In my opinion getting good sleep, exercise, and finding a balance is what motivates to work. The human body requires good sleep, exercise and a lot to keep motivate it to work. And to achieve that you need a solid plan on your hand. A plan will give you space to work as well to live your normal life.

So, think about how to create a timetable and stick with it. And one more thing, don’t ask others to make a timetable for you. You’re not a school kid anymore. Spend some weeks on reading your study materials, sincerely. then you can make a timetable on your own.

All the Best 😊

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