You are NOT Satisfied with Life because… (Life healing Words)

There were two men, they were offered a piece of cake but, the cake was further divided into ten(10) parts. Fortunately, one was given nine(9) parts and unluckily, the other was given only one(1) part out of ten. The one who got 9 parts got upset due to missing one part of the cake. And didn’t even enjoy and eat what he gained because he was staggering what went wrong that he failed to get all the ten pieces of a cake together.

On the flip side, the person who obtained only one part of the cake was so happy to get at least one part out of ten. He gave thanks to GOD for that only piece of cake and ate it with his heart’s content. He knew that it is better to have one part for this very moment to be eaten.

Now look at the aforementioned scenarios, I am pretty sure you have got the message that how we often fail to enjoy what we have for the sake of what we don’t. This is very common in the contemporary run, every one of us is craving for what we don’t have but never tend to be thankful for what we have. We don’t enjoy our today because we are worried about tomorrow, keep things for tomorrow and wait for a day that will unleash all our happiness which is, indeed, unwise.

Life is what you have now, yesterday has passed away which can never be harkened back. And tomorrow is unforeseeable because it never comes. In case if you believe it comes then your today is already your yesterday’s tomorrow, cherish it or go after your tomorrow you may get tired and die but won’t get it.

You are NOT Satisfied with Life because you don’t know how to be thankful for what you have already. There must be many things at this moment with you that you ever wished for…

Now a question arises that what we are supposed to do in such a mystery. Everyone might have a different opinion about life perplexity. However, I would say stop wherever are you, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Think for a while about all those things which have been given to you. If you don’t have anything that you have been wishing for long.

Chances are many that you have sound health, the capability of watching, listening, reading, speaking and movement etc. And believe me, in this world, nothing is worthwhile than sound health. If you look for things to be grateful you would find plenty of them and vice versa.
All in all, this life is NOT permanent nor all the things belonging to it.

Your life is like a bus station, don’t take things on the head. Don’t waste too much time of your today building up things for tomorrow rather enjoy what is sufficient for today. Spend enough time with your loved ones instead of regretting why you didn’t realize on time that what is really matter in life and what is NOT.


Written by FaRan ʚïɞ

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