Bitter truth: How youngers Generating money through rubbish contents

In the contemporary run, many people making money by imitative means. They are making fun of others to amuse out the screen people happy. They play with the feelings of living beings. All they concern with getting attention of the audience, no matter if they put their own lives at stalk or that of other people lives. They are publicly making fun of others by using inappropriate words, abusing others and giving insult to others.

On the flip side, the sad reality is that they produce what public and audience want to see. According to them their contents are the reflection of their audience. These days people want to entertain themselves by watching abusive and rubbish contents. The content’s creators put their live at danger in many cases  and put their standard also very low to supply such contents. They even forget about the ethics and empathy while generating their deceptive videos.

Many people who have fan in millions figure often produce what is considered unethical in our society. It is eveb surprising that their family members also get used to their these false contents that they don’t even realise what their younger are doing. What is right and what should be done. At the name of entertainment, these people making fun of others. Indeed, one they get some sense and maturity, they will realise that through what they have earned their money. However, it will be of no use later on. It is, therefore, imperative to them to wait and think for a second about the content that they all produce?


Does that content help people become a better person?
Is it knowledgeable?
Is it really worth your time?

You are setting a wrong example for the coming generation. I have a younger brother and he instead of reading books or doing something useful spending his time playing games and watching TikTok videos etc. And that is a very big problem. When you will make people star for no solid reason, what examples are you setting for the youngsters.?
When a young child like my brother will see a YouTuber or TikToker getting attention, followers and money for producing absolutely rubbish content, why will he read a book or learn a skill..?
As a girl, all you gotta do is wear a sexy dress and do some steps in a TikTok video and here we are, all men dying for you. Height of desperation!
As a boy, you gotta work a little harder but with good looks, some extra shokhy videos, paid pranks, some controversies and you are well on your way to be a star.
Please, try to be mindful of the content that you are consuming, liking and sharing because it has implications far beyond our imagination. You are setting a very bad example for the generations to come and you demoralise those who are working hard to make a difference.
At the end, I would just like to add that I have been a big fan of Shahid Afridi all my life. But, honestly speaking I would never stand in line for his autograph or selfie or even shout his name among the crowd. My self respect or ego won’t allow me to do that.
Be mindful of who you are making a star because as I said it impacts the society where we are living.

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