Life is NOT fair, Friends are selfish & People are cruel

Life is NOT fair, Friends are selfish, People are cruel and everywhere injustice and nepotism are at peak.
Therefore, be the hero of your own. Don’t take things on the head, live and let live others. Don’t wait for the happiness of outside rather create happiness from your inner self. Be strong enough to face all the difficulties of life. Everyone is fighting the flight of life. If you have sound health, you are 95% lucky from the rest of the world. Life is NOT an iPod to be used at your own, but it is like a Radio. You will face what it offers you.

Be strong enough, enjoy the journey because the destination is NOT worthy enough if the journey is too convenient. Let me tell that all the pleasure are kept in the process and hoping things together. Whenever you get them, you lose its glorious. Hope is what keeps you alive, and if you are wise enough you will take immense pleasure from the things you have already and in the things you don’t have yet.

In fact, everyone is fighting. Some are strong enough to win their own battles and help others as well. However, others are too weak to be fallen at a place and even think of suicide. Those people, I can say, are the coward ones. They don’t kill themselves alone, they kill a precious soul that is also a son, brother, and a future father as well.
Therefore, please don’t give up. Life is equally unfair to everyone, it doesn’t let you fulfil all your wishes. There should always be something to be craved upon and that is what creates the charm of life. If you cannot seek your peace of mind, always failing while finding your happiness. Try to find it in the happiness of other people because those who cannot fulfil their dreams, they should fulfil other people dreams. And I can assure you that this one step would let you in the peace of mind.

Finally, learn two things in your life. SABR (Patience) and SHUKR (Greatness). Be patient on what you don’t have. And be grateful for what you have already. For God’s sake, don’t waste what you have while dreaming of what you don’t have. If something is NOT prewritten in your favour, how can you get that, think? Thus, changing the unchangeable things is nothing a stupidity.

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