Poverty is a blessing But Richness is a curse

What if I say that Poverty is a blessing and Richness is a curse most of the time especially for Muslims, then?

Most of the times this thought always provokes me that Poors are real rich ones when I observe some other aspects which we don’t even bother to think upon ever. If you really want to know about it, don’t bother to leave this page until you read the whole article.

To me, there’s no concept of poverty or richness physically, however, it’s all about time. Some people have a good time while others don’t. If you’re having an open heart; you can endure others while touching the height of their achievements, you can feel the pain of others, you can share your own food with others with no return and you have found your source of happiness in other joyness___indeed, I can say, you’re very rich. Contrarily, if you cannot endure others success; you always envy for others, you’re wishing to snatch their peace, you want to ruin others and eventually your happiness’ source is in their failures___ obviously you are ruined internally and your poverty has met the sky.

You need to understand that you can’t enhance even your RIZQ by escalating your money. A junk of money may pass through your hands and you will only take the meager percentage from it which is pre-written for you.

On the flip side, at the end of the day, we will have to be accountable for our own wealth. In this context, greater the wealth greater will be chances of getting caught. Therefore, don’t wish for a luxurious life because our wishes know no end, those are always infinite. You are by no mean capable to meet them, only mud can do that. The Wisest people are those who came to know about it and accept this truth as soon as possible___learnt to be patience on their current conditions by giving thanks to ALLAH for what they have been blessed. And wait for the consent of ALLAH in each and every aspects of their lives.

Furthermore, our materials do not define our richness. It is up to our own mindset that can make us feel real rich or otherwise. It’s not just currency that can give us a sense of affluence.
No doubt Money, too, gives us pleasure, however, you can not always have inner peace because of chunks of money. whilst lots of times such adequate resources snatch people’s lives as well. And Money can also give us a sense of power and respect in the society, but this is not always accompanied by inner peace. A lot of the people fall into depression and the reason is just their wealth.

Last and the most important thing is that if you understand life____ that is actual richness. Money does not mean that you inevitably understand life, however, the hunger of this curse make you more and farther away from knowing and comprehending the nature or meaning of life where you don’t even have sufficient times for your near and dear ones.

People who have less money to maintain their life’s expenses and understand the time, thus they can knock inner peace of both their heart as well as their mind. So such people are having enriched heart and enriched mindset. Likewise such people must be considered rich. Even though they are poor people but talented who discovered life mysterious truth. Because such people understand that how to root out outer peace from their inner peace with their uncommon skills. These are the real peacemaker for the world as compared to those who are the currency holders?

And to conclude it with a very sad reality, those who are having lots of money, belongings and properties etc are die-hard because how can one leave such things due which one has spent all his life but didn’t even get a chance to utilize it, whilst in many instances, all their wealth is wasted by their descendants easily, wrongly and aimlessly due to the reason that they got it without any hardship as said easy comes easy goes, contrarily to those who have nothing to lose on the bed at their last moment of life.

Are you agree with me?
You may find some points here too heavy for yourself if you are also a rich person just of few notes, but let me tell you that these were just my thoughts and experience which holds no authenticity. Therefore, take it easy:)

Poverty is a blessing But Richness is a curse

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