Here, You will come across some of the impacts of social media and also its viable solution.

How I found this fakebook through my life’s time of about 10 years?

Let’s discuss this today. I have got a number of ID’s here in which about few of them, I’ve even forgotten. I’ve worked as an admin in huge pages having more than one lac members, having my own pages of 40k+ 34k+ 28k+ and 22k+ fans. And I’m a member of more than 1 thousand groups too. I’ve also reached the highest level of making friends of 5000. Now I think, my experience must be counted up to some extent if not, I don’t care but the question comes into one’s mind that what I really have learned from this fakebook’s experiences?
The Answer provokes with showoff, envy, jealousy, deceptions, ego, greed and depressions all the time but I think, if you overcome these thoughts you can alleviate the biggest anxieties and depression of your time and mental health problems. There was a time, indeed, when the first and foremost thing used to collide with my mind was to update my FB status on the occasions of my happiness as well as sadness. And now I don’t give it a shit. As later, I realized that it’s nothing but a psychological defeat of social media which has indulged even within myself and can control me from inside. These social networks may help us to know about other’s feeling from outside through their daily statuses but what is inside, let me tell you that as well. Actually, the appetite inside us is to impress others with what we don’t even have, we people are here to deceive others with our false statements with utmost illusions most of the times. Surrounding your self amongst thousands of people isn’t a big deal, the art is to have only one person who gives you such support that thousands aren’t capable to do so.
This problem lies underneath because we don’t have clear priorities and proportional goals. Our real life has been overcome by the illusionary life of social media’s power. We have become the peak level laziest that we always want things at our doorsteps or probably through the walls of others’ profiles which tells the stories which have no verity at all. We have adopted the false life routine of virtual things. We spend life which doesn’t give us happiness but a temporary delusion and then permanent headache and notions of the green-eyed monster.
To pen it off, I would say we need to understand that our mind’s power is far greater than the grasping triggers of fake world’s illusion. We shouldn’t spend our real time in front of a virtualized screen of fabulous electronic elements. We need to understand the worth of our time, which is right now also flowing through our hands. We ought to start a lifestyle which we personally love and which is real in all its senses. Now, what is the solution to overcome this addiction?
I’ve it’s a few solutions which as given below:
• Persuade yourself that you can overcome this habit, and do accept that you and your mind is stronger than it’s an addiction.
• Put off every kind of notifications
• Don’t take responsibility for any page, app or any group etc
• Don’t start your day with visiting your FB account
• Don’t use it at the very last moment of your day just before sleeping.

I would be happy to listen to your voices regarding FB experiences, no matter if that’s against or with me because every picture has two sides, knowing that I’ve enlightened here only one of them.

FaRan ʚïɞ
P.s Criticism is allowed, let’s discourse the aforesaid idea.

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