Mughal Dynasty General Knowledge and Important Events

Mughal Dynasty General Knowledge

In this article, you will find some general knowledge of the Mughal Dynasty who ruled most of Indian sub-continent from the start of 16th to the mid of18th century. However, after success for a few centuries, the Mughal Dynasty continued to reduce and gradually become powerless entity til the mid of 19th century.

 Mughal Dynasty General Knowledge for Pakistan Affairs
1. Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire?  Babur
2. When was First Battle of Panipat fought? 1526
3. Who defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the First Battle of Panipat? Babur
4. Who defeated Mewar of Rana Sangha in the Battle of Khanwa(1527)?  Babur
5. Who fought against Babur in the Battle of Chanderi(1528)? Medini Rai of Malwa
6. Who fought against Babur in the Battle of Ghaghra(1529)? Muhammed Lodhi
7. When did Babur died?  In 1530
8. Where is the Tomb of Babur situated?  Kabul
9. In the Battle of Dhuria ,who is defeated by Humayun? Mahamud Lodhi
10. Who built the city of Dinpannah on the site “Purna Quila” in Gujarat ?  Humayun
11. Who defeated Humayun in the Battle of chausa ?  Shershah (in 1539)
12. When did Shershah defeated Humayun in the Battle of Kanauj?  In 1540
13. Who is the father of Akbar ? Humayun
14. When was Second Battle of Panipat ?  in the year 1556
15. Who is defeated in the Second Battle of Panipat ? Hemu is defeated by Akbar
16. Who abolished the religious tax Jaziya ?  Akbar (in the year1564)
17. When did Akbar captured Gujarat ?  In the year 1572
18. Who built the city Fathepur Sikri (City of Victory) ?  Akbar
19. Who built Buland Darwaza ? Akbar (Buland Darwaza is the gate way of Fathepur Sikri)
20. Where is Ibadatkhana situated ?  It is a prayer house in Fathepur Sikri ,constructed by Akbar
21. Who is the First English man to reach India ?  Ralph Fitch (during Akbar’s reign)
22. What is the name of religion founded by Akbar ?  Din ilahi (It means Divine Faith)
23. In which battle Akbar defeated Maharana Pratap of Mewar ?  Battle of Haldighat (In the year 1576)
24. Who was the Mughal Empire when the English East India Company was being founded in1600 December 31 ?  Akbar
25. Where is the tomb of Akbar situated ?  Sikandra near Agra
26. What is the name of Akbar’s military system?  Mansabdari system
27. Who was Akbar’s revenue minister?  Raja Todarmal
28. Which Mughal empire built Agrafort ?  Akbar
29. What was the early name of Jahangir?  Salim
30. Who was the Sikh guru who was executed by Mughal empire Jahangir ?  Arjun Dev (fifth sikh guru)
31. Which Mughal empire built the Shalimar Garden ?  Jahangir (in Srinagar)
32. Which Mughal empire built the Nishant Garden ?  Jahangir (in Srinagar)
33. What is the name of Jahangir’s Autobiography ? Tuzukh -i- Jahangiri (in persian language)
34. Where is the tomb of Jahangir situated?  Shahadhara in Lahore
35. What was the early name of Shahjahan ?  Khurram
36. Which Mughal Empire’s period is considered as the Golden Age of Mughal Architecture?  Shahjahan
37. Who is the architect of Tajmahal?  Uztad Iza
38. Which Mughal Empire built the Redfort ?  Shahjahan
39. What is the Gateway of Redfort called as ?  Lahore Gate
40. Who built the famous Peacock Throne ?  Shahjahan
41. Which Mughal empire is known as ‘Zinda Pir’ ? Aurangazeb
42. Which Mughal empire banned music and dance? Aurangazeb
43. What is the name of Sikh Guru who was executed by Aurangazeb ?  Guru Teg Bahadur
44. Who built the monument Bibi ka Makbara ?  Aurangazeb (Bibi ka Makbara is known as mini Tajmahal)
45. Where is Aurangazeb’s tomb situated?  Daulatabad in Maharashtra
46. Which ruler used the gun powder for the first time in India?
47. Where was the capital of Babur?  Agra.
48. What is “Tuzuk-e-Babri”? – It is the autobiography of Babur.  He wrote it In the Turkish Language.
49. Which Mughal ruler in Indian history as “Shah-e-Bekhabar?” Bahadur Shah.
50. During the reign of which Mughal ruler there was a Sikh rising in Punjab under the leadership of Banda Bahadur? Bahadur Shah.
51. Who abolished the Jazia tax reimposed by Aurangzeb ? Jahandar Shah.
52. Who was Ahmad Shah Abdali ?  He was the Defense Minister of Nadir Shah.
53. Between whom the third battle of Panipat was fought and when ?  Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas in 1761 AD?
54. Which Mughal ruler participated in the battle of Buxar in 1764 AD, in favour of Mir Qasim of Bengal and Nawab’ of Avadh Shuja-ud-Daula against the British rule? Shah Alam II.
55. Who was the last ruler of Mughal dynasty ?  Bahadur Shah Zafar.
56. Where Bahadur Shah Zafar was deposed in capital? Rangoon.
57. Where Bahadur Shah Zafar died ?  In Rangoon.

In short, Mughal Dynasty General Knowledge is very important for the history portion of Pakistan affairs.

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