General Knowledge of Human Body (Number of things in the Human Body)

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Here, you will learn some General Knowledge of Human Body. These facts of General Knowledge about a human body must be learnt while being a human being itself. A human body is consisted of various systems and other various different things. These General Knowledge of a Human Body are often asked in every MCQs types tests. Therefore, it becomes crucial for a student to know about a human body and all of its body parts.

Human Body’s General Knowledge

(Number of things in the Human Body)

Number of bones 206
Number of muscles 639
Number of kidneys 2
Number of milk teeth 20
Number of ribs 24 (12 pairs)
Number of chambers in the heart 4
Largest artery Aorta
Normal Blood pressure 120/80
Ph of blood 7.4
Number of vertebrae in the spine 33
Number of vertebrae in the Neck 7
No of bones in the middle ear 6
Number of bones in Face 14
Number of bones in Skull 22
Number of bones in Chest 25
Number of bones in Arms 6
Number of bones in each human ear 3
Number of muscles in the human arm 72
Number of pumps in the heart 2
Largest organ Skin
Largest gland Liver
Smallest cell Blood cell
Biggest cell Egg cell (ovum)
Smallest bone Stapes
First transplanted organ Heart
Average length of small intestine 7 m
Average length of large intestine 1.5 m
Average weight of new born baby 2.6 kg.
Pulse rate in one minute 72 times
Body Temperature 36.9o C (98.4o F)
Average blood volume 4- 5 liters
Average life of RBC 120 days
Pregnancy period 280 days
Number of bones in human foot 33
Number of bones in each wrist 8
Number of bones in hand 27
Largest endocrine gland Thyroid
Largest lymphatic organ Spleen
Largest cell Nerve cell
Largest part of brain Cerebrum
Largest & strongest bone Femur
Smallest muscle Stapedius (Middle ear )
Number of chromosomes in human cell 46 (23 pairs)
Number of bones in New born body 300
Largest muscle Buttock

Hope, you have learnt Human Body’s General Knowledge. If not please write them down at least once now.

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