FARHAN KHAN’s Picture taken in Kumrat Valley, Pakistan.

The year 2019 was just a futile in my case.
All my I resolutions that I set for 2019 have been transformed to 2020 owing to the fact that I met with none of them so far. And I am pretty sure I will meet with all these dreams straightaway in 2020.
The biggest thing that I learnt in 2019 was that except your parents no one cannot solely sincere with you. All they will be encircled from you unless you have something common for them otherwise there are many ways to find excuses. There are one of the two ways, people will use you for their own interests. If let them so, you are, indeed, a dumb. Notwithstanding, if you go ahead and assist them by your own regardless of the return, you are with no doubt are generous. To conclude, you must be aware of your surroundings. Help everyone come across you as your life is the message to the people you meet them, make sure it’s inspiring and accommodating but, on the flip side, don’t ever let anyone use you inadvertently.
Go for what you really love, this life too short to live fully before you get fragile and unable to enjoy what you can now.
Pray to the ONE who provided you with such a sound and healthy body, admire and cherish your health before you get unhealthy.
Enjoy small moments of your life, when you old these are what called memories.
And don’t ever compromise on your dreams, give your BEST today and leave the rest to the Lord. But you need to accept the decision of nature, what is pre-written for you, will be yours. There is no need to rushhhhhh….

GoOd LuCk for 2020.

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