Important Vocabulary List-6

Transitory: short-lived; not continous

Teacly: too sweet; over sentimental

Tremulous: hestitant

Tribulation: trouble

Truculence: stubborness

Undermine: weaken

Unequivocal: certain; undoubtful

Unwitting: not deliberated

Unyielding: not giving up

Vacillate: waver; hesitate

Validated: proved right

Valor: bravery

Venality: corruption

Versatility: ability to do many things

Vex: annoy

Vicarious: experience indirectly; at secondhand

Vigilant: wary; watchful

Vindication: proving right; acquittal

Vindictive: seeking revenge

Viscous: thick and sticky

Volatile: evaporates easily; mercurial; easily angered; emotional

Voluminous: large; bulky; extensive

Vulnerable: open to attack; susceptible

Waning: declining

Warped: twisted; distorted

Wary: cautious

Wannow: sift; separate good from bad

Wistful: sad; yearning; longing in a thoughtful way

Wrath: anger

Abhor: hate

Bigot: narrow-minded, prejudiced person

Counterfeit: fake; false

Enfranchise: give voting rights

Hamper: hinder; obstruct

Kindle: to start a fire

Noxious: harmful; poisonous; lethal

Placid: calm; peaceful

Remuneration: payment for work done

Talisman: lucky charm

Abasement: humiliation; degradation

Billowing: swelling; fluttering; waving

Cower: recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from

Enhance: improve; make better or clearer

Harangue: noisy, attacking speech

Labyrinth: a maze

Nullify: to counter; make unimportant

Plaintiff: petitioner (in court of law) Replete: full

Tangible: can be touched

Plagiarism: taking credit for someone else’s writing or ideas

Knotty: complex; difficult to solve

Engender: cause

Covert: hidden; undercover

Abrogate: cancel; deny; repeal

Blasphemy: speech which offends religious sentiments

Credible: believable

Enigma: puzzle; mystery

Harbingers: indicators; bringers of warnings

Labyrinthine: complicated; highly convoluted

Plaudit: statement giving strong praise

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Your English Vocabulary

Reprehensible: shameful; very bad

Tardy: slow; late; overdue; delayed

Creditable: praiseworthy

Hasten: hurry; accelerate; rush

Laceration: a cut

Obdurate: stubborn

Plausible: can be believed; reasonable

Reprieve: a respite; postponement of a sentence

Tawdry: of little value; gaudy

Abstain: desist; go without; withdraw

Blighted: damaged; destroyed; ruined

Credulous: gullible; ready to believe anything

Enshroud: cover

Haughtiness: arrogance; pride

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Your English Vocabulary

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