Top 10 Best Mcqs Websites For Entry Test Preparation In Pakistan

Today, we are going to discuss the top 10 Best MCQS websites For Entry Test Preparation In Pakistan. All these websites are enough to prepare you for any test in Pakistan.

Top 10 Best Mcqs Websites In Pakistan


CSSMCQs website is the best site in entire Pakistan for the competitive exams of CSS and PMS. Besides, this website is also very good for all other exams in the country. It is a blog where they put, collect, organize MCQs and arrange different quizzes in various categories of MCQs asked in different entry tests and exams for Jobs and Admissions. However, their main focus is on the MCQs of CSS, PMS, and Other Competitive Exams. Besides, you can also contribute and submit MCQs of the recent FPSC, PPSC, SPCS, KPPSC, NTS, OTS, & PTS, etc recent test exams you took.
If you are appearing in competitive exams, you must consider this website in your journey. CSS MCQs has all the past papers MCQs of Compulsory Subjects from 2005-2022, these MCQs are often repeated in various exams in Pakistan.

CSSMCQs Playstore APP

Recently, they have also launched CSSMCQs Playstore APP which can be accessed HERE


This is Pakistan’s top Mcqs website, where you can find Mcqs of all Subjects, You can also Submit Mcqs of your recent test and Take an online Mcqs Quiz test also. The Mcqs are present in a simple format on this website. Here, you also have lots of quizzes in Islamic Studies Mcqs, General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Everyday Science and computer Online Quiz etc

PAK MCQs Playstore APP

Recently, Pakmcqs launched their app on the Play Store called PAKMCQS QUIZ.



Like the CSSMCQs website,  PMSMCQs is the best site in Pakistan for the competitive exams PMS. Besides, this website is also very good for CSS as well as all other exams in the country. It is a blog where they put, collect, organize MCQs, and arrange different quizzes in various categories of their optional subjects.
PMSMCQs is Pakistan’s largest MCQs website for FPSC, PCS, PMS & CSS Past Paper Test Competitive Exams of all provinces i.e Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh & KPK.


Wikipak, a recently launched MCQs website, aims to assist visitors in passing competitive exams by providing a broad selection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) across various subjects. These subjects include Everyday Science, General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer, and Engineering etc.


McqsPlanet Official is the official channel of They upload important content related to competitive exams. Most of the Mcqs are Self-made according to the pattern of exams and some of the content is collected from the past papers of different exams. Their goal is to prepare you for competitive exams. Current Affairs, Pakistan Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Islamiyat, Past Papers, Everyday Science, Pakistan Studies.


MCQs Forum, One stop solution to Employed and unemployed youth in Pakistan. This forum prepares candidates for all kinds of MCQs exams in Pakistan. MCQs with answers and detailed explanations. General knowledge(GK), Daily Current Affairs updates and MCQs related to Pakistan Affairs, Current affairs, Basic Math, Islamic Studies, Everyday Science, Data Entry / Data Processing, and Verbal MCQs including Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring. MCQs Forum also presents the opportunity to create mock tests based on the criteria of the candidate’s upcoming tests. Forum also allows you to upload MCQ questions & answers by yourself and design mock tests, invite friends to compete.


Word “Sheir” stands for Society of Higher Education & Industrial Researchation & Industrial Research. This is also one of the best websites for all types of entry test preparation in Pakistan.

8. is recently launched but this website has a lot of Mcqs for entry test preparation. You can get lots of knowledge from this very site. You can also comment on any question and discuss it with other users. Most of the Mcqs on this website are collected from the recent Tests.

9. TheQuizzeum.Com is a popular MCQs website in Pakistan, offering a wide range of MCQs in various subjects with the latest content to help its visitors in their different competitive exams.


The website Test Preparation provides various categorised MCQs, takes Quizzes, Publish your Article and Submit Questions to help others. Get prepared for your upcoming test at Pakistan’s best MCQs site


So, These were the Top 10 Best Mcqs Websites For Entry Test Preparation In Pakistan. Besides, these websites if you know any other websites that can be beneficial for users and we didn’t mention in the list. You can always post them below in the comment box

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