PMS English Essay Past Paper 2022

Punjab PMS English Essay Past Paper 2022 conducted by PPSC today (24-06-2022 ) is available here. Punjab Public Service Commission held this English Essay paper for PMS Exams. English Essay is a compulsory subject of 100 marks in PMS and CSS Both Competitive Exams of Pakistan.

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English Essay Punjab PMS Paper 2022

PMS English Essay Past Paper 2022


Write an Analytical Essay of About 1500-1600 words on any one of the topics below by Giving a Brief Outline of your Essay.

1. Price hike in Pakistan: The worst of all worries
2. The future of artificial intelligence
3. Industrial Reforms – A key to sustainable growth in the country
4. Freedom of expression – A double-edged sword
5. The impact of the Russo-Ukrainian War on the world economy
6. Global warming: Causes, Effects and Solutions

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PMS English Essay Paper 2022 Punjab