One Word Substation of English words

One word Substitution is a very important part of the English vocabulary. It simply means that a sentence has the meaning of that very one word and can be used with a single substitute word. It requires a strong vocabulary to solve such types of questions. Questions based on one word substitution are often asked in various competitive exams.Here, some One Word Substitutions are given.

A state of lawlessness

Government by the nobles

Government of one person

One who can’t pay off one’s debt

One who is fond of fighting

The act of having two wives at a time

In two languages

Easily breakable

Living in the same period of history

One who is not easily pleased

That can’t be heard

One who can’t be corrected

That can’t be conquered

That can’t be avoided

A person who is not able to pay his debt

One who knows many languages

One who hates human beings

Undue favour to relatives

He who is all powerful

One who is present everywhere

One who is all-knowing

A man of correct and accepted opinions

One who loves and serves human beings

A vote of the people for the choice of government

A speech to oneself

Having no fixed house