Most Repeated MCQs Of Pakistan Studies for FPSC, PPSC, CSS, PMS

Here, you can study fifty 50 Most Important & Repeated MCQS of PAST PAPERS for FPSC, PPSC, CSS, PMS and NTS etc. These all One liner MCQs are highly important for CSS, PMS and all other Competitive Exams of Pakistan. Where many of them have been repeated in Past Papers of FPSC, PPSC, CSS, PMS and NTS etc

FPSC CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved MCQs

50 Most Important & Repeated MCQS of PAST PAPERS

1. What is the largest Masjid in Pakistan?
Shah Faisal Masjid

2. The largest airline in Pakistan is _________ ?

3. What is largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan is _________ ?
National Stadium, Karachi

4. The largest natural lake in Pakistan is _________ ?
Manchar Lake

5. The largest Railway station in Pakistan is _________ ?
Lahore Railway Station

6. The Highest Railway station in Pakistan is _________ ?
Kan Mehtarzai

7. The largest Desert in Pakistan is _________ ?
Thar desert, Sindh

8. The largest Hospital in Pakistan is _________ ?
Nishtar Hospital, Multan

9. The largest Library in Pakistan is _________ ?
Punjab Public Library

10. The largest Industry in Pakistan is _________ ?
Texitile industry

11. The largest city is Pakistan by area?

12. The largest city is Pakistan by population?

13. The largest District of Pakistan by population?

14. The largest Division of Pakistan by area?

15. The largest district of Pakistan by area?
Chaghi dis
16. Which is the highest Dam in Pakistan?
Mangla Dam

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17. Which is the largest Dam in pakistan?
Tarbela Dam

18.Which is the biggest university of pakistan?
Punjab University

19. Which is the oldest forest of Pakistan?

20 Which is the Largest forest of Pakistan?
Changa Manga

21. Which is the largest division of Punjab?

22. First lady police station of Pakistan was established in?
Islamabad, 1994

23. Which city of Pakistan has largest number of police stations?

24. The area of lowest rainfall in pakistan?
Noh Kundi

25. Pakistan mainly imports edible oil from which country?

26. Largest imports are made by Pakistan from?

27. Largest exports are made by Pakistan to?

28. Pakistan largest export item is _________ ?

29. Which crop is mostly cultivated on the indus dalta soils?

30. The area highest rainfall in Pakistan?

31 Indicate the number of Pakistan area wise in the world?

32. What is Name the biggest park of Pakistan?
Ayub National Park

33. Name the crop sown on the largest area of Pakistan?

34. Name the biggest Barrage of Pakistan?
Sukkur Barrage

35. Name the biggest commercial bank of Pakistan?

36. Which is the biggest airport of Pakistan?
Jinnah National Airport

37. Which is the hottest place in Pakistan?

38. Name the highest Glaciaer of Pakistan?
Siachen Glacier

39. Name the area of Pakistan which receives the heaviest snowfall in a year?

40. What is the coldest place of Pakistan is _________ ?

41.Which is the highest peak of Pakistan is _________ ?
K-2 peak

42. What is the hight of K-2

43. What is the second name of K-2 peak?
Godwin Austin

44. What is the largest Province of Pakistan by population?

45. What is the largest Province of Pakistan by area?

46. Which is the largest River of Pakistan is ?
Indus River

47. Which is the largest seaport of Pakistan is _________ ?
Karachi seaport

48. What is the largest Island of Pakistan?
Astola island

49. What is the highest point of Pakistan?

50. What is the longest motorway of Pakistan?
M8 motorway

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