KP PMS 2022 Important Topics For English, Pakistan & Current Affairs Paper

Here, you will find some Important Topics For English Essay, Pakistan Affairs & Current Affairs for upcoming KP PMS Exam 2022. You can also add other important questions in the comment box below.

1. Foreign Policy of Pakistan in the contemporary era- Challenges and way forward.

2. The uncertain future of Afganistan: Repurcussions of Taliban Takeover for the global world, the South Asian region, Pakistan and the Afghanistan itself.

3. United Nations/OIC- A success or failure?

4. Economic Crisis and the Political Instability in Pakistan: Causes and Solutions.

5. Climate Change and Natural Disasters in Pakistan: What needs to be done?

6. Pakistan’ National Security Policy: Why it matters for internal, external challenges and regional stability?

7. Political Polarization in Pakistan and Pakistan’s democratic future.

(i) Beggars cannot be choosers: Aid from International Financial Institutions/friendly countries is not the solution for the economic woes of Pakistan- Recommendations for a long term solution.
(ii) Lessons from Srilanka’s Economic Crisis for Pakistan.

9. Regional Connectivity: BRI vs B3W.

10. Strategic Power Play in the Indian Ocean.

(i) Energy and Water Crisis in Pakistan: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
(ii) Energy infrastructure under CPEC.

(i) Growing US-India Strategic Relations/US-China Strategic Rivalry and its implications for Pakistan and China.
(ii) China as an existential threat to USA.

13. Development of Israel-Arab Close Relations: Intentions, prospects and future implications for the Middle East and the Islamic World.

14. Russia-Ukraine War: Global Economic Impacts; Implications for the world; the US and Russia ‘s Diplomatic Standoff; Prospective Foreign Policy options for Pakistan.

15. Neutrality-cum Balancing: Analyzing Pakistan’ relations with US, China and Russia.

16. Quad, AUKUS, BRICS: Implications for Regional and Global Security.

17. Comparative Analysis of BIMSTEC, SAARC, SCO and the EU.

Expected CSS & PMS EXAM 2022 Essay, Current Affairs and Pakistan affairs Topics

A wide selection of CSS/PMS 2022 expected topics especially for English Essay, Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs given by Tayyab Wazir (PSP) are given here:

1. Islamphobia Demands a Counter Narrative From the Muslim World.

2. Policy Implementation can Ensure Gender Equality in Pakistan

3. The World Needs Democracy More than Ever Before.

4. Foreign Policy of Pakistan Lacks Vision and Direction.

5. Democracy is a culture rather than a process.

6. Gender Inequality is a Threat to the Development and Prosperity of Pakistan.

7. Islamophobia is a Threat to Democracy.

8. Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy always Move Together.

9. Dynamics of the 21th Century World Order: Implications for Pakistan.

10. Social Media: A tool for Hybrid War

11. Online Education in Pakistan: Issues and Way Forward

12. Development of Pakistan needs a Strong Political Will

13. Food Insecurity: A Threat to National Security.

14. The 21th Century Belongs to Artificial Intelligence.

14. Civil Services Reforms: Challenges and Solutions.

15. Is Vaccination the Only Way to Avoid Pandemics?

16. Climate Change: Threats and Remedies.

17. Covid-19: A threat multiplier

18. Revamping Education Sector in Pakistan

19. Why Democracy has failed to deliver in Pakistan

20. US-China Strategic Rivalry: Implications for Pakistan.

Tayyab Wazir, PSP

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