Global Warming and Our Preparation to counter it

Here, you will Essay on the Topic “Global Warming and Our Preparation to counter it” given by Mureed Hussain Jasra, CSP in his book named WINNING ESSAYS FOR CSS, PMS & OTHER COMPETITIVE EXAMS

Global Warming and Our Preparation to counter it


A. Rise in temperature and sea level; statistics

B. Earth: The only Planet to sustain life

C. What is global warming



A. Inordinate deforestation

1. Forest as carbon skin

2. ii. Conversion of forests into residential areas

B. Excessive burning of fossil fuels

1. Major contributor to CO2

2. In addition of CO2, emission of SO2

3. Australia is the largest producer

C. Rising Industrialization

a) Release of fluorinated gases

2. Disturbs the chemical composition of the atmosphere

3. Heavy machinery increases the temperature

D. Application of Nitrogen fertilizers

1. Green revolution

2. Increases yield but pollutes soil

E. Emission of Chlorofluorocarbons

1. Analysis of Joe Faiman proved CFC’s major cause

2. Inorganic chlorine results in photolytic decomposition

F. Agriculture activates

1. Methane: products of livestock, digestion, paddy rice, farming and manure

2. Bacteria breaks organic matters

G. Aerosols

1. Absorb solar and ultraviolet radiation

2. Alter microphysical and chemical properties of clouds

3. Mixture of organic droplets and soor

4. America is the biggest producer

H. Ozone depletion

1. Ozone absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiations

2. Chlorine-containing gases destroy the Ozone

I. Volcanic eruption

1. Injects substantial amount of sulphate

J. Cement manufacturing



A. Melting of polar ice, glaciers and ice sheets

1. 1/6 of the world population lives in melting zones

2. Destruction of Greenland Ice sheets

3. Reduction in Arctic Sea Ice

4. Okjokull officially lost glacier status

5. Horrific picture of Glacier National Park

B. Ocean acidification

1. Excessive CO2 leads to oceanic acidification

2. Change in ocean circulation

3. Pernicious effects on marine life

C. Rising Sea level

1. Thermal expansion and melting of glaciers

2. Increased temperature stratification

D. Serve hurricanes

1. Become intense as the planet warms

a) Intensity depends on temperature difference

b) Hot oceans fuel hurricanes

E. Frequent Natural disasters

1. Changing precipitation pattern and prolonged heat

2. Forecast of decades-long mega-droughts

3. Overwhelm physical infrastructure and human communities

F. Detrimental impacts on marine life

1. CO2 in seawater declines PH

2. Acidity eats calcium carbonate shells

G. Encroachment of coastal areas

1. Global sea level has risen 8 inches

2. Lead to inundation

H. Ozone depletion

1. Chlorine deteriorates Ozone molecules

2. Passage of UV rays

I. Increase the range of diseases

1. Excessive heat cause stress

2. Decrease immunity of the human body

3. Chronic conditions like Asthma

J. Decline in agriculture production

1. Loss of food security

2. Creates havoc in international food markets

3. Political instability and civil unrest


A. Peace Agreement Ratification

B. National climate change policy

C. Green Pakistan

D. Introduction of new varieties of seeds by PARC

E. Forest preservation


A. Global warming of 1.5*C

B. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

C. Kyoto Protocol

D. Muslim Seven-year Action Plan on Climate Change

E. Major Economies’ Forum on Energy and Climate

F. Paris Agreement

G. Climate Summit (2019)



A. Use of Renewable Energy

1. Agreement on the wind and solar power

2. Biofuel from organic waste

3. Meticulous policies

4. Mass awareness through Non-Governmental Org

B. Energy Conservation

1. Use hydrogen to feed zero-emission fuels cell

2. Manufacturing better batteries

3. Engineering a smarter electric grid

C. Genetically engineered crops

1. Drought-resistant crops

2. Saline-resistant crops

D. Forest planning

1. Discover new forest management and adaptive planning options

2. Ensure availability of trained forest workers

3. Reforestation

4. Silver maple sapling

E. Technology Transfer

1. Nuclear-Fusion – energy power plant

2. Electric Cars

3. Introduction of carbon engineering

F. Cyclone shelters


VII. Conclusion


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