FIA Assistant Director (AD) Investigation 2022 Solved MCQs Past Paper by FPSC

Here, you will find FIA Assistant Director (AD) Investigation 2022 Solved MCQs Past Paper by FPSC conducted today (24th July 2022). This FIA Paper was done for Assistant Director (Investigation) Batch-1.


FIA Assistant Director (AD) Investigation 2022 MCQs

  1. He pleads for sanity in a lunatic world.
  2. She is afraid of spiders
  3. He writes in ink.
  4. The Chairman is ill and he will have to put off the meeting for a few days.
  5. Who is creating this mess? Select the correct passive By whom is the mess being created?
  6. The ship is bound for United States.
  7. I am ______ sure of it as you are. as
  8. JIT was formed to investigate the crime. The JIT here is ___ noun. Collective Noun
  9. Mr Jonathan is not home today, I suggest you try calling him tomorrow
  10. Saad often works late at night
  11. Somebody burnt the trash here. It can’t be Sheena because she cares about the environment pretty much.
  12. The baby cried for food. This sentence can be defined as: Simple sentence
  13. A person who tends to see the worst aspect of things or believes that the worst will happen. Pessimist
  14. The Synonym of hortatorystrong encouragement
  15. The Synonym of Emancipate – Release
  16. The Antonym of Quotidian – extraordinary
  17. Bamboo is related with grass family
  18. A Compound sentence must have a – independent clause
  19. Worlds bicycle day? 3 June 

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  20. When was COVID 19 declared pandemic? March 11, 2020
  21. Deficiency of vitamin D causes? Rickets
  22. FIA agency was established on? 13th January, 1975
  23. DG FIA powers can exercise powers like? IG Police
  24. Which member of FIA can arrest someone? Sub-Inspector
  25. In which section of the FIA Act, powers of the agency is given? Section 5
  26. World braille day? 4 Jan
  27. ARGOSY means? A Big trading Ship
  28. When did Russia invade Ukraine? 24th Feb, 2022
  29. Sound waves cannot travel through? Vacuum
  30. Bats can fly at night because of? Ultrasonic Waves
  31. If a>b and b>a, then? Cannot be evaluated
  32. Sum of 4 A.M. between 18 and 3? 42 i.e (6+9+12+15= 42)
  33. if X% of Y is 100 and Y% of Z is 200, find a relation between X and Z. Z-2X
  34. The value of a computer depreciates by 10 % annually. If the present Rs.100000, then what will be its value after 2 years? None of these (Rs 81000)
  35. In a town, 45% population read magazine A, 55% read magazine B, 40% read magazine C, 30% read magazines A and B, 15% read magazines B and C, 25% read magazines A and C; and 10% read all the three magazines. What percentage do not read any magazine? 20%
  36. What is the Article 370 of the Indian constitution? It gave special status to Kashmir
  37. Who is the current Chancellor of Germany? Olaf Scholz
  38. Who is the General-Secretary of the United Nations? Antonio Guterres
  39. Who led the Afghan Taliban team during the peace negotiations with the United States at Doba? Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai
  40. Fredrick G. Discovered which vaccine? Insulin
  41. NACTA (National Counter Terrorism Authority) was developed in which year? 2008
  42. Trepidation Synonym? Fear/strong>
  43. Which country reported its first COVID cases on 12 May 2012? North Korea reported its first COVID-19
  44. Which UK Foreign Secretary visited Pakistan in Sept 2021? Dominic Raab
  45. 47th session of OIC held in? Niger
  46. What is A.P series -15,-22,-29,…. 11th term? -85
  47. What per cent of 120 is 90? 0.75
  48. If Amna is s years old then 5 times Amna’s age three years ago is: 5(x-3)
  49. Ratio 3:7 can be: 9:21
  50. Which is the most sensitive part of the eye? Pupil
  51. Pakistan Special police force was established in? Pakistan Special Police Establishment Ordinance 1948
  52. Which country is in the south of America? Mexico
  53. Who bought twitter for $44bn? Elon Musk
  54. Pakistan won how many medals in Paraolympics 2020? Three medals(a silver, a bronze and a gold medal in the Paralympic)
  55. Which country made the super fastest computer? Japan
  56. The scientific study of teeth is called? Odontology
  57. Last(Non virtual) meeting of the World economic forum held on? May 22 to May 26 (Davos, Switzerland)
  58. Which of the following can be made from wood? Paper
  59. Which is the slowest planet? Venus completes one rotation on its axis, making it the slowest of all planets.
  60. Which instrument is used to check milk? lactometer
  61. Where was the G-7 2021 summit held? From 11 to 13 June 2021 in Cornwall, England
  62. Srilankan president is? Ranil Wickremesinghe
  63. Who is the Governor of Balochistan? Muhammad Khan Jamali
  64. The Superintendence of the Agency shall vest in? Federal Government
  65. FIA Act extents to the whole of Pakistan and also applied to to all citizens of Pakistan
  66. PUBLIC SERVANT means a public servant as defined in ___________ Section 21 of the Pakistan Penal Code
  67. Who appoints DG FIA? Federal government
  68. Which of the following is in correct? FIA Act is applicable to all citizens of Pakistan
  69. Fibula bone is part of? Leg
  70. Who is the first black woman judge of US supreme court? Ketanji Brown Jackson
  71. Turkey’s name changed in UN. New name is? Türkiye
  72. Most abundant element in earth’s crust? Oxygen
  73. The biggest importer of Arms? KSA
  74. Commonwealth games 2026 will be hosted by? State of Victoria (Australia)
  75. Which is the northernmost part of CPEC? Khunjerab Pass
  76. US President Joe biden took oth on? 20 jan, 2021
  77. A motorcycle has a full tank and he can travel 10 days with full tank, if he uses 25% more fuel every day, how many days he can cover with a full fuel tank? 7.5 Days
  78. A.M of x-3 and x+3? x
  79. For basic A.M formula is? a+b/2
  80. FIA is constituted under which section? 3 Section
  81. Solar eclipse affects the photosynthesis in plants and makes it ? Slow
  82. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 2021 report, which country is the
    Largest arms Importer in the world? India and Saudi Arabia
  83. Which country lifted 93 million people out of poverty since 2013 and has announced poverty in its country? China
  84. Which Pakistani recently received the Ramon Magsaysay Award dubbed as Asia’s highest award equivalent to Nobel Prize? Muhammad Amjad Saqib
  85. ASEAN Summit 2020 was conducted in – Hanoi, Vietnam
  86. What is the name of Foreign Minister of Spain who visited Pakistan in September 2017? Albares
  87. Which metallic element is liquid at room temperature? None of these (Mercury)
  88. The purity of one of the following is measured by Lactometer: Milk
  89. The major ingredient of leather is Collagen
  90. Which is the slowest rotating planet? Venus
  91. An arrest under the FIA Act can be made; SI
  92. Request for Transfer of property can be made by?
  93. Government Servants means in Act, under which section?
  94. When property under investigation is apprehended to be transferred, an order to restrain its transfer may
    be made by:
    (A) Federal government
    (B) Member of the Agency
    (C) Ministry of Interior
    (D) None of these
  95. A person arrested under the FIA Act may be detained at:
    (A) Police Station set up by Police
    (B) Inspector General of Pakistan Railways Police
    (C) Both (A) & (B)
  96. The applicability of the FIA Act extends to:
    (A) Employees of all corporations
    (B) Employees of all corporations set up or controlled by Federal Islamabad Capital
    (C) Employees of all corporations set up or controlled by or under Provincial Governments
    (D) All of these

Errors and Omissions can be anticipated. Correct Answers are always welcome. The rest part of the paper FIA Assistant Director (AD) Investigation 2022 will be updated over the lapse of time. If you remember MCQs with their correct answers. Please write it down in the COMMENT BOX below.

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