CSS Exam Past Papers MCQs

Here, you will find Css Exam Past Papers MCQs for General Knowledge of FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC and SPSC One Paper Preparation. These CSS Exam Past Papers MCQs can be beneficial for various other Competitive Exams of Pakistan.

CSS Exam Past Papers MCQs

1. Burma is the old name of
A. Ceylon
B. Myanmar✓
C. New Jersey
D. Datroit

2.The National. University of Modern Languages is in
A. Lahore
B. Karachi
C. Islamabad✓
D. Peshawar

3. The 2nd PM of Pakistan was
A. Liaqat Ali khan
B. Kh. Nazimuddin✓
C. M Ali Bogra
D. Ghulam Muhammad

4. Which is the currency of Indonesia
A. Peso
B. Ringgit
C. Euro
D. Rupiah ✓

5. Pneumonia is the disease lf
A. Lungs
B. Eyes
C. Spinal Cord✓
D. Ear

6. Headquarter of OPEC is in
A. Australia
B. Switzerland
C. Austria✓
D. United States

7. Gawadar Port is in province
A. Sindh
B. Punjab
C. Balochistan✓

8. Davis Cup is associated with
A. Badminton
C. Cricket
C. Volleyball
D. Tennis✓

9. State Bank was inaugurated in
A. 1947
B. 1948✓
C. 1949
D. 1950

10. Syed Ahmad Shaheed is burried at
A. Jehlum
B. Balakot✓
C. Abbotabad
D. Muzzafarabad

11. The first mughal emperor of India is
A. Akbar
B. Hamayun
C. Babar✓
D. Tipu Sultan

12. The Present Hijri year is
A. 1438
B. 1430
C. 1441✓
D. 1442

13. Union Jack is the flag of
A. America
B. Sweden
C. Norway
D. UK✓

14. Diabetes is caused due to deficiency of
A. Vitamin A
B. Calcium
C. Vitamin C
D. Insulin✓

15. Nelson Mandela belongs to
A. Egypt
B. Kenya
C. Ghana
D. None✓

16. The Planet nearest to sun is
A. Earth
B. Mercury✓
C. Mars
D. Jupiter

17. Alma mater means
A. library
B. personal matter
C. bookshop
D. one’s college or university✓

18. What comes next in the following series 64,48,40,36,34
A. 30
B. 31
C. 32✓
D. 33

19. 5/14×7/10
A. 1/4✓
B. 50/98
C. 35/140
D. 6

20. The square root of under root 729 is
A. 33
B. 27✓
C. 37
D. 43

CSS Exam Past Papers MCQs in Urdu

21. آقاۓ دو جہاں صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے بچپن میں کس ملک کا سفر فرمایا تھا
A. عراق
B. کوفہ
C. مصر
D. شام✓

22. غزوہ احزاب کا دوسرا نام کیا ہے
A. بدر
B. احد
C. خندق✓
D. تبوک

23. روزے کس سن ہجری میں فرض ہوۓ
A. 1
B. 2✓
C. 3
D. 5

24. مشہور ڈرامہ انار کلی کس نے لکھا
A. امتیاز علی تاج ✓
B. اشفاق احمد
C. بانو قدسیہ
D. سعادت منٹو

25. مسابقت کا مطلب ہے
A. برابری
B. مقابلہ✓
C. کمی بیشی
D. سختی

26. مشہور کہانی اوور کوٹ کے مصنف کون ہیں
A. منٹو
B. غلام عباس ✓
C. حسینہ معین
D. امتیاز علی تاج

27. غار کبف کس ملک میں ہے
A. شام✓
B. عراق
C. مصر
D. سعودی عرب

28. عرب میں یہودیوں کی طاقت کا سب سے بڑا مرکز کونسا تھا
A. مکہ
B. طائف
C. خیبر ✓
D. حبشہ

CSS Exam Past Papers MCQs

29. the degrees in a complete circle are
A. 180
B. 260
C. 360✓
D. 270

30. 5448 rounded off the nearest 1000 is
A. 6000
B. 5400✓
C. 5000
D. 4500

31. 3×4×5÷5=
A. 12√
B. 60
C. 13
D. 300

32. Blood group which is universal donor
A. A
B. B
D. O✓

33. Emmanuel Mackron is the current president of
A. Italy
B. Japan
C. France✓
D. Spain

34. Bahadur Shah Zafar died in
A. Delhi
B. Agra
C. Rangoon✓
D. Colombo

35. Abu Gharib Prison is in
A. Iraq✓
B. Cuba
C. Afghanistan
D. Pakistan

36.Which is not a Kharif crop
A. rice
B. cotton
C. sugarcane
D. wheat✓

37. The Current US Secretary Of Defence is
A. Mike Pompeo
B. Rax Tellerson✓
C. Mark Espor
D. Mark Twain

38.Current president of India is
A. Sonia Gandhi
B. Pratibha Patel
C. Ram Nath Kovind ✓
D. Pernab Mukherjee

39. Total Coastline of Pakistan is
A. 800km
B. 1046km✓
C. 700km
D. 1200km

40. How Many gates the old city of Lahore had
A. 11
B. 12✓
C. 13
D. 14

41. Berber tribes are diverse ethnic groups from
A. North America✓
B. Saudi Arabia
C. North Africa
D. South East Asia

42. The President of Pakistan after Zia’s death in plance crash
A. Farooq Tarar
B. Anwar Laghari
C. Ghulam Ishaq Khan ✓
D. Wasim Sajjad

43. Arif Alvi is the…. President of Pakistan
A. 12th✓
B. 11th
C. 13th
D. 14th

44. On behalf of America, who signed the Peace deal
A. Mike Pompeo
B. Donald Trump
C. Zalmay Khalilzad✓
D. David Atteschon

45. US-Taliban Peace Truce was signed in
A. Kabul
B. Washington
C. Islamabad
D. None of these✓

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CSS Exam Past Papers MCQs