What is Self Enumeration Census?
Step by Step Procedures (7th digital Census Pakistan)

A self-enumeration census is a method of conducting a population census where individuals are asked to fill out a census form themselves rather than having a census worker visit their homes and collect the information. In a self-enumeration census, households are mailed a census form that they fill out and return to the census bureau. The census form typically includes questions about age, gender, race, ethnicity, marital status, education, employment status, and other demographic information about each household member.

How To Self Enumerate in Pakistan by yourself?

Want to know how easy it is to self-enumerate? Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to fill out your census form online, anytime, any place!

Digital Census of Pakistan 2023

The Digital Census of Pakistan 2023 will start on 1st March 2023 and last until 1st April 2023. In this census, the self-enumeration procedure is described from 20th Feb, 2023 to 03rd March, 2023 through https://self.pbs.gov.pk.

This will provide ease to the citizens of Pakistan, save their time, and help to improve e-governance in Pakistan.

Self Enumeration Census Procedures (7th digital Census Pakistan)

The procedure of Self Enumeration Census in Pakistan

    • Open: https://self.pbs.gov.pk
    • Click on Register or sign up for first-time registration
    • Fill the registration form
  2. LOGIN
    • Click on Login
    • Enter Mobile Number and Password to verify your identity
    • Receive OTP for confirmation
    • Enter the information of your family members (Name, Age, Relationship, Language, Religion, Education, Employment, Migration, Disability, etc.)
    • Sequence of family members must be ensured.
    • Head of Household must be entered first
    • After completing the family member information, enter the information regarding the household. (Status of Household, Owner of House, Material used for house, Source of drinking water, etc.)
    • Before submission of Census Questionnaires, it is necessary to verify all the data and if there is a need for any change.
    • Click on the Relevant field and you can change the information of any Family member or household
    • The last step before submission of census Questionnaire, system will ask a question:
    • The information I entered is correct and best of my knowledge
    • Are you sure you want to submit the census questionnaire.
    • Save the UTN Number sent on mobile.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics about Self Enumeration Census Procedures (7th digital Census Pakistan)

The prime official agency of Pakistan, responsible for the collection, compilation and dissemination of reliable and timely statistical information said in the tweet that