June 2020 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs | Pdf download

Here, you will have June 2020 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs in Pdf download. These Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs 2020 are taken from the month of June 2020. These are very important for every sort of exam in Pakistan especially the upcoming CSS Screening Test of FPSC 2020. These questions and answers with solutions to CA & PA 2020 MCQs are equally important for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, NTS and all other competitive exams in Pakistan.

June 2020 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs for FPSC CSS, PMS Exams


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Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs June 2020 | PDF Download


Who was behind the Karachi Stock Exchange attack on 29th June 2020

A. Balochistan Liberation Army
B. Tehrik E Taliban Pakistan
D. Balochistan Liberation Front

What amount of debt payments will be rescheduled by Pakistan in 2020 under the Debt Service Suspension Initiative?

A. $2.11 billion
B. $2.41 billion
C. $3.21 billion
D. $3.41 billion

Which leader of Pakistan died on 26 June 2020?

A. Syed Munwar Hassan
B. Asif Ali Zardari
C. Salman Taseer
D. None of These

How many terrorists killed in attack on Pakistan stock exchange in Karachi ?

A. 5
B. 7
C. 4
D. 2

A terrorist attack was launched on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi on__________?

A. 28th June, 2020
B. 29th June, 2020
C. 30th June, 2020
D. None of these

According to a report by SIPRI, China and _______ possess more nuclear warheads than India?

A. United States
B. Pakistan
C. France
D. None of these

Legendary actor and TV host Tariq Aziz was a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan between ______ and ______?

A. 1992 and 1995
B. 1997 and 1999
C. 1998 and 2002
D. None of these

What was the name of the famous Quiz Show of Tariq Aziz, which was first aired in 1974, later came to be known as the Tariq Aziz Show and was then renamed the Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz?

A. Neelam Ghar
B. Inaam Ghar
C. Kya Aap Banaingay Crorepati?
D. Jeeto Pakistan

Veteran actor and television host Tariq Aziz passed away at the age of__________?

A. 80
B. 82
C. 84
D. None of these

The _____ Provincial government has made it mandatory for universities to teach students the Holy Quran with translation?

A. Baluchistan
B. Punjab
D. Sindh

Who has been appointed as Pakistan’s first special representative for Afghanistan?

A. Moin Ahmed
B. Ayesha Farooq
C. Muhammad Ijaz Khan
D. Muhammad Sadiq

In June, 2020 the Sindh provincial govt began the conservation and renovation of a centuries old archaeological site located in Karachi known as____________?

A. Salahar Tombs
B. Chaukhandi Tombs
C. Charnemag Tombs
D. Khanja Tombs

Which of the following Pakistani-American Scout Girl received award from US President Donald Trump for her efforts to fight against Coronavirus?

A. Emma C.
B. Laila Khan
C. Bakhtwar khan
D. None of these

Name Pakistan’s first Sikh female journalist who has been selected as one of the 100 most influential Sikh personalities under 30 in the world.

A. Manmeet Gill
B. Mehpreet Kaur
C. Manmeet Kaur
D. Maha Geet

British Pakistani___________has become the first Hijab wearing deputy district judge in the UK.

A. Saba
B. Kainat T
C. Raffia Arshad
D. Mehak

What is called the Solar Eclipse on 21 June 2020 in Pakistan?

A. Ring of fire
B. Dark Hour
C. Bite of Sun
D. None of These

The Supreme Court has quashed a presidential reference filed against ______________ on 19 June 2020?

A. Justice Saqib Shahab
B. Justice Shoaib Muhammadi
C. Justice Naveed
D. Justice Qazi Faiz Esa

Which of the following former Pakistan captain tested positive for coronavirus on 13 June, 2020?

A. Sarfraz Ahmed
B. Abdul Hafeez
C. Shahid Afridi
D. None of these

The Federal budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 announced on _____________?

A. June 10, 2020
B. June 12, 2020
C. June 14, 2020
D. None of these

Who presented federal budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 on the floor of the National Assembly on June 12, 2020?

A. Hafeez Sheikh
B. Asad Qaiser
C. Hammad Azhar
D. Asad Umar

The defence budget has been set at Rs __________ in the Federal Budget 2020-2021?

A. 1.1 trillion
B. 1.3 trillion
C. 1.5 trillion
D. None of these

State Bank of Pakistan on 25 June 2020 reduced the policy rate to__________?

A. 5%
B. 6%
C. 7%
D. 8%

Pakistan is expected to raise________million for the national space programme by regulating satellite services in the country?

A. $500million
B. $700million
C. $900million
D. $300million

A recent study conducted by the Deep Knowledge Group lists, Pakistan listed_________ among riskiest countries for coronavirus.

A. 73rd
B. 56th
C. 102th
D. 148th

Name the Pakistani who has been given the ‘Royal Order of Sahametrei’ award for his outstanding services in Cambodia?

A. Muhammad Sadiq
B. Amjad Sher Ali
C. Majid Khan
D. Rubina Akhtar



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