July 2020 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC and KPPSC

Here you will have July 2020 Pakistan Current Affairs Most Important MCQs for Preparation of FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC & NTS, etc., for Preparation of various exams in Pakistan. These Pakistan Affairs MCQs are made mostly on the basis of Current Affairs issues, upshots, events and movements of the month of July 2020. These Current Affairs of Pakistan are very Important MCQs for the Preparation of FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, NTS and all other competitive exams of Pakistan If you want to download it in PDF, go down to the button and click on the download button below.

July 2020 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs for FPSC CSS, PMS Exams

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July 2020 Pakistan Current Affairs Most Important MCQs

Pakistan Army shoots down Indian quadcopter drone in July, which was the________ Indian quadcopter shot down by the Pak Army in 2020.

A. 8th
B. 10th
C. 12th
D. 15th

How many Pakistanis released from UAE jails in July 2020 ?

A. 400
B. 1,000
C. 1,200
D. 15,00

How many times Pakistan has been elected as the president of the UN Economic & Social Council?

A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. None of these

Pakistan’s __________ government has banned over 100 textbooks for containing objectionable content ?

A. Sindh
B. Punjab
C. Balochistan
D. None of these

Recently Which Pakistani ambassador has been elected as the President of the UN Economic & Social Council?

A. Munir Akram
B. Dr Maleha Lodhi
C. Khalil Hashmi
D. None of these

Which FATF-related bills were passed through National Assembly on 29-July-2020 ?

A. The Anti-terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2020
B. The United Nations (Security Council) (Amendment) Bill, 2020
C. The Money Laundering (Amendment) Bill, 2020
D. Both A & B

When Pak Army inducted Al Khalid-I main battle tank in Armoured Corps Regiment?

A. July 27, 2020
B. July 28, 2020
C. July 29, 2020
D. None of these

What is Current Share of Pakistan in World Population?

A. 2.20%
B. 2.30%
C. 2.40%
D. 2.83%

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on 23-July-2020 ordered sealing of the Navy Sailing Club on the ________?

A. Swaik Lake
B. Kalar Kahar Lake
C. Rawal Lake
D. Karambar Lake

Mention the name of the Javelin thrower who has become the first Pakistani to directly qualify for Tokyo Olympics in 2021?

A. Afnan Fahim
B. Arshad Nadeem
C. Muhammad Inam butt
D. None of these

What is the rank of Pakistan, according to the NTI (Nuclear Threat Initiative) nuclear security index 2020?

A. 18th
B. 19th
C. 20th
D. None of these

Which Senior journalist was abducted from Islamabad on 21st July 2020 & released after 12 hours?

A. Hamid Mir
B. Matiullah Jan
C. Mubashir Luqman
D. None of them

Who is current Executive Director of National Institute of Health Islamabad?

A. Muhammad Aarab
B. Maj.Gen Aamer Ikram
C. Rana Safdar Khan
D. None of these

Pakistan has signed an agreement with China for _______MW Azad Pattan hydropower Project in July 2020?

A. 800
B. 300
C. 100
D. 700

Who wrote the book ” Pashtoon Heroes”?

A. Hammad Safi
B. Bilawal Latif Dawar
C. Ahmad Shah
D. None of them

According to the UN data, what is population wise rank of Pakistan in 2020?

A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. None of these

Pakistan has found new deposits of oil and gas in exploratory well Mamikhel South-01, located in Tal block in__________?

A. Sindh
B. Balochistan
C. Punjab

Pakistan has achieved the UN Sustainable Development Goal for protecting the environment and holding off climate change a ________ years before the deadline?

A. 5 years
B. 8 years
C. 10 years
D. 12 years

Renowned Pakistani magician Iqbal Hussain, who entertained his fans for decades, passed away on Thursday July 16 after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest. He was from_________?

A. Lahore
B. Karachi
C. Peshawar
D. Quetta

Pakistan allows Afghanistan’s exports through the Wagah border with India Under the_________bilateral trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

A. 2010
B. 2013
C. 2018
D. None of these

Which of the following nation has donated 100 ventilators to support Pakistan in its fight against Covid-19?

D. None of these

Which country to help Pakistan set up phytosanitary facility?

A. United States
B. China
C. Saudi Arabia
D. None of These

Which of the following app has temporary banned by PTA on 1st July, 2020?

A. Tiktok
C. WeChat
D. None of these

Who becomes first female Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army?

A. Zakiya Jamali
B. Nigar Johar
C. Suhai Aziz Talpur
D. None of these

Facts and Figures For CE-2022 by CSSMCQs

_____________has been promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant General and Appointed as Surgeon General?

A. Major Gen Zahid Hamid
B. Major Gen Nigar Johar
C. Major General Tariq Ghafoor
D. Major General Iftikhar Ahmad Wyne

What is called the Solar Eclipse on 21 June 2020 in Pakistan?

A. Ring of fire
B. Dark Hour
C. Bite of Sun
D. None of These

The Supreme Court has quashed a presidential reference filed against ______________ on 19 June 2020?

A. Justice Saqib Shahab
B. Justice Shoaib Muhammadi
C. Justice Naveed
D. Justice Qazi Faiz Esa

Which of the following former Pakistan captain tested positive for coronavirus on 13 June, 2020?

A. Sarfraz Ahmed
B. Abdul Hafeez
C. Shahid Afridi
D. None of these

The Federal budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 announced on _____________?

A. June 10, 2020
B. June 12, 2020
C. June 14, 2020
D. None of these

Who presented federal budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 on the floor of the National Assembly on June 12, 2020?

A. Hafeez Sheikh
B. Asad Qaiser
C. Hammad Azhar
D. Asad Umar

The defence budget has been set at Rs __________ in the Federal Budget 2020-2021?

A. 1.1 trillion
B. 1.3 trillion
C. 1.5 trillion
D. None of these

State Bank of Pakistan on 25 June 2020 reduced the policy rate to__________?

A. 5%
B. 6%
C. 7%
D. 8%

Pakistan is expected to raise________million for the national space programme by regulating satellite services in the country?

A. $500million
B. $700million
C. $900million
D. $300million

A recent study conducted by the Deep Knowledge Group lists, Pakistan listed_________ among riskiest countries for coronavirus.

A. 73rd
B. 56th
C. 102th
D. 148th

Name the Pakistani who has been given the ‘Royal Order of Sahametrei’ award for his outstanding services in Cambodia?

A. Muhammad Sadiq
B. Amjad Sher Ali
C. Majid Khan
D. Rubina Akhtar

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