21. Pick out the correct word to complete the sentence.
She —– a letter.
A. Writing
B. Write
C. Writes
D. Both A & B
22. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.
He will ——– us.
A. Help
B. Helps
C. Helped
D. Helping
23. Choose the sentence with the correct use of article.
A. He wears an shirt.
B. He kicks an ball
C. He throws an stick
D. He eats an apple
24. The feminine of “bull” is :
A. Goat
B. Hen
C. Cow
D. Mare
25. The word “quickly ” is an adverb of :
A. Manner
B. Time
C. Place
D. Frequency
26. He is —– than me.
A. More intelligent
B. Most intelligent
C. Intelligent
D. Very intelligent
27. Which of the following sentence shows the correct use of hyphen ?
A. We-baught-icecream
B. We baught-icecream
C. We-baught icecream
D. We baught ice-cream
28. The students says, ” ——- i come in sir ?
A. Can
B. Would
C. May
D. Should
29. Which of the following is the plural of woman ?
A. Woman
B. Womans
C. Women
D. Womens
30. Another word for ” empty ” is
A. Vacancy
B. Null
C. Blanked
D. Vacant
31. How many syllables are there in the word “butterfly” ?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five
32. The common gender is :
A. Student
B. Chalk
C. Dog
D. Lioness
33. The little boy is the —— of all.
A. Slow
B. Slowest
C. Slower
D. Too slow
34. Which of the following words shows action ?
A. Themselves
B. Bought
C. Brand new
D. Red car
35. Use Correct past form of verb.
The aeroplane —– over the clouds.
A. Flown
B. Flew
C. Flying
D. Flowed
36. Broken parts of the road is known as :
A. Pits
B. Palms
C. Ditches
D. Dags
37. Ask Maria. She ——- know . Use Correct model verb.
A. Should
B. Would
C. May
D. Will
38. A Synonym for the word “fertile”
A. Fruitful
B. Rich
C. Where crops grow well
D. All of the above
39. Which of the following word represent short vowel sound ?
A. Beast
B. Thread
C. Read
D. Meat
40. Peshawar is —– historical city.
A. A
B. An
C. The

D. None