How to Clear CSS & PMS Exams on your 1st Attempt

Here, you will come across How to Pass CSS Exam on 1st Attempt. Read this article if you are looking forward to clearing css exam on your very first attempt.

Clear CSS Exam in your first try

These steps will help you to clear CSS and PMS Exams in the very first attempt of yours.

  1. First of all, be moderate in studying. Don’t studies too much, just prepare relevant parts of the related Subject.

  2. Look at 5 years previous papers, it will help a lot and will be good guide for beginning preparation.

  3. Just 6 to 9 months of preparation will be enough.Your first attempt should be aimed to pass to CE, most of the people just try to test themselves and they appear in the exam without any preparation.

  4. Avoid those people who discourage you. Daily to 5 to 8 hours of study will be enough. Science students having master or BS in Physics should opt for it, it’s high scoring subject with you little effort you can score 120-140 easily in both physics papers. Those who are not interested or cannot prepare must not go for such highly risky subject.

  5. Your main focus should be on English Essay, Precise and Islamiyat.

  6. Psychology, Journalism and sociology are considered high scoring subjects. According to official FPSC report, 50% people pass these subjects even without having prior knowledge.I can say there are many thousand people who have the potential to qualify CSS but they are not aware of their potential. They just believe in others people and consider it very difficult and don’t even bother to appear in the exam. It includes Doctors, Engineers, and other science students.

  7. Must opt your regional subject i.e Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi and Sindhi. These subjects are considered ever green in competitive exams as every professor wants to promote their regional language. If you don’t know its reading and writing, learn it. Hundreds of qualifiers have proved it prior to you. You can also do it.

  8. Every Years more than 12000 people appear in the CSS out of which only 2000 aspirants come with true preparation; rest of all come blank. Out of these 2000, 500 pass the CSS. It’s not a big deal …every one in five clear the exam.FPSC official report is available on their Website. First of all read it thoroughly clearly it is mentioned how many students pass in every subject .for the detail visit FPSC website.

  9. Don’t be discourage at any stage in Last 2 months before the exam, put your all efforts

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