CSS 2021 Expected Essay Topics.
By: CSP Mureed Hussain Jasra

Here, you can see CSS Exam 2021 all the Most Important Expected English Essay Topics

A. Social Media

  1. Fake news and cyber propaganda: the use and abuse of social media.
  2. Social Media is a toll to create unrest in a society.
  3. Role of Social Media for good governance.
  4. Social Media is a weapon for fifth generation war.
  5. Role of Social Media in COVID-19 Pandemic.
  6. Limitation/ Regulation of Social Media.

B. Youth Bulge/ Population Bomb

  1. Youth bulge: a demographic dividend or a demographic bomb in developing countries.
  2. Pakistan’s burgeoning population: challenges and opportunities.
  3. Pakistan needs to declare national emergency on the development of its youth.

C. Artificial Intelligence

  1. How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world.
  2. Is Artificial Intelligence a potential threat to human employment?

D. Deglobalization/ Nationalism/ Populism
1. Globalization 2.0- a myth or a reality.
2. COVID-19 has pushed the world towards deglobalization.
3. Does nationalism diminish the importance of globalization?

E. Education/Online Education

  1. Online education: a boon or a bane for developing countries.
  2. Can online education replace traditional education system?
  3. Single National Curriculum is a test case for policy makers.
  4. Vocation/ Technical education.

F. Democracy

  1. Features/ characteristics/ culture of real democracy.
  2. Hurdles / reasons of failures/ issues/ challenges.
  3. Impacts/ consequences / repercussion due to failure of democracy.
  4. Remedies/ solution / way forward to improve democracy.
  5. Future of democracy in Pakistan/ hopes to improve democracy.

G. Global Warming/Climate Change/ Water Crisis

  1. Global Warming/ Climate Change and our preparation to counter it.
  2. Climate Change is a real threat for economic prosperity of Pakistan
  3. Impacts of water crisis on national integration.
  4. Water is essential for economic stability of Pakistan.
  5. Alternative technologies for a climate change resilient Pakistan.

H. Covid-19

  1. Socio-economic implication of Covid-19.
    1. COVID-19 has pushed the world towards deglobalization.
    2. By taking Corona virus seriously world has faced more trouble than it might face if taken normally.
    3. COVID-19 has questioned the progress made b humanity so far.
      I.United Nations Organization
    4. Obligations of UNO to counter health challenges in 21st century.
    5. The global indifference towards right of self-determination.
    6. Obligations of UNO in 21th century.

J. Islam/ Muslim World
1. The fear of Islam – a reality in the west.
2. Growing Islam phobia and the role of OIC.
3. Is Ummah an outdated ideology?
4. Rise in populism has further escalated Islam phobia.
5. Challenges to religious pluralism in Europe.

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